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We look forward to you joining us in j=
ust a couple of days.

This is just a friendly reminder of your upcoming event,


July 13th, 2019


6:00pm July 13th – 12:00PM July 14th

Doors Open: @ 5:45 PM


1193 W. 55th Ave.

Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3

How to get to the Venue

Access from Selkirk (from 54th Ave). Please park on Selkirk if there is=
no more spots at the front of the house. and they should be remained that t=
hey should be prepared to stay overnight so they should being small – single=
foam or mattress pillow and blanket.

What to Bring:

As you will be staying overnight, please bring what you need to be comf=

comfy clothes
cushions/trifold, , blanket/pi=
llow/comfy “nest” for ceremony and sleeping

Water bottle
Alter/Sacred items=

Personal Snacks if necessary

*Light snacks and breakfast provided

How to Prepare:

Normal eating is fine. This medicine does not require any specific diet=
a, as the medicinal part goes directly to pineal gland. No alcohol – at leas=
t 24 hours prior and no alcohol after the ceremony for as long as they can (=
at least 24h). Ivan says that alcohol destroys the link between the soul and=
astral body. Avoid sugar, as it=E2=80=99s poison.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lana and Ivan Rados


Conscious Living Network/Spirit Plant Medicine Team

Ivan Rados – The Middle Point – The Art=
Of Meditation

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