No-Thing is the same in existence.

No-Thing is the same in existence. Everything else is changing, since permanency doesn’t exist. The mind is in search of permanent happiness, health, wealth, peace, and love. By looking for permanent health, disease becomes a permanent phenomenon, a chronic state. By looking for permanent happiness, misery becomes a permanent state of mind. By looking for peace, war becomes a permanent world affair.

Repentance Is Your Inner Being

Do not rely on God to save you from yourself. Repent and you will be saved.

In other religions, repentance is the act of confessing your sinful actions by going to church or other temple and confessing any misdeeds or sins and asking for forgiveness. How many times have you repented, and nothing has changed? How many times have you repented but still you are angry, aggressive, greedy, and lost in your ego-self conflict? Did your repentance save you?

The Art Of Inclusion

Each moment of now, one has to be at ease with oneself. You cannot learn to be at ease; you can only be at ease. Do not try to improve; do not cultivate anything. Do whatsoever you are doing, but be at ease, be meditative, calm, and centred. Include yourself in everything you do. Include every experience in your consciousness. Include everything in your being. That is the meditation. That is the compassion. In compassionate state of being you have a feeling that there is no centre of you. And if there is no centre, there is no self, no ego, no mind, only consciousness conscious of itself.