Suffering is NOT

Once a student asked a Zen master: “You teach that we must empty our minds. I have nothing in my mind. Now what shall I do?” “Throw it out!” said the master. “But I have nothing. How can I throw it out?” “If you can’t throw it out, carry it out! Drive it out! Empty […]


Keep looking but do not look for something in particular

Spontaneous Discourses on The Middle Point to disciples and friends in Vancouver, B.C., Canada The Language of Wholeness Use your mind – do not be used by your mind. The Middle Point Discourse series 02 January 2011 in Vancouver Archive code: 02022011 Question 4 You have been telling us to ‘Keep looking but do not […]


The Authority of Consciousness

At one of my meditation discourses I said, “Priests of religious institutions are the most fearful and irreligious people in the world.” Someone from the audience got really offended by my statement, and shouted, “By what authority do you claim that?” “By the authority of consciousness,” I said. “That’s not high enough,” he shouted back. […]


Russell Brand is simply an idiot

Spontaneous Discourses on The Middle Point to disciples and friends in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, September 2014 Question: Recently I was listening to an interview with Russell Brand for some TV station where he is calling for a social and a spiritual revolution. He is a celebrity and a very eloquent man, and it seems that […]


Greed is the mind function

Greed is an extension of fear. Are you in fear of God? Roman Catholics define this fear as one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Love of God and the Fear of God are two of Islam’s foundations. In Judaism, having the fear of God is most often considered to be a […]


A suicide is an assertion of the helpless ego

The Middle Point Discourse series in Vancouver, B.C., Canada 2012 Question “I am very respected and successful, but people don’t know that my life is so unhappy and painful that there is no day that I don’t contemplate suicide. I want to die. I want to be free from this misery.” It appears as if […]


Can we measure the consciousness?

The Language Of Wholeness Chapter #3 Re-constructing the Mind The Middle Point Discourse series 26 January 2011 in Vancouver Archive code:  26012011 Question 4 Recently, I read that scientists are claiming that they can assess the level of consciousness through a coil-like electromagnetic device applying a pulse to the brain and the brain’s responses are […]


Consciousness is Love

Question from Jill: I was shocked by the news that African leaders granted themselves immunity from war crimes. Can you comment please? Everyone who is in power has an immunity,Tony Blair, George Bush, or his son, Obama… just to name few. Those people are psychopaths. Their psychological frame of mind is in a state of war all […]


Love is Always

The question: I love myself and I love others, but I am feeling fearful all the time. Will you please comment? Love and fear cannot exist together. In existence love and fear are always available, but where do you place your attention, depends on who you are? If you are your mind, the fear becomes your reality. If you […]



Surrender isn’t about surrendering to somebody, and neither is it surrendering to any kind of objective reality. There’s no one and nothing to surrender to. Neither is surrender an act. Rather, it’s an attitude that involves letting go of things we have accumulated with our mind through our attachment to thought and emotion, then entering […]