The Soundless Sound

Wholeness Comes Under these Three Laws: 1. “Omnipotent” means you are the One-Self who is absolutely potent, having virtually unlimited authority or influence. 2. “Omniscient” means you are the One-Self who is infinite awareness, possessing universal knowledge, understanding, and insight; you have seen the OM, the whole. 3. “Omnipresent” means you are the One-Self who […]


Search for One Self

No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. Zen proverb In the search of ‘what,’ you have to start from the self. Whatever way you see your-self is good because your-self is your centre at the moment. You are in it. You are it. You strongly believe in it. That centre of your-self is the […]


Health Is Being

Everyone wants to be healthy, yet so many of us are repeatedly sick and some of us seemingly cannot get well. We experience illness as something extremely personal––in some ways, one of the most deeply felt personal experiences we ever have. Similarly we tend to think of our health as highly personal, perhaps one of […]


The Act of Emptiness

Through emptiness we are born, we live in emptiness, and into emptiness we return. For you cannot debate on emptiness, you can only be empty. Everything else can become a religious lecture, or an educational talk, but not emptiness. Emptiness is always now. Can you see it? The very effort to see it, it’s not […]


LIFE is a constant search

Joshu asked the Zen teacher Nansen, “What is the True Way?” Nansen answered, “Every way is the true Way.” Joshu asked, “Can I study it?” Nansen answered, “The more you study, the further from the Way.” Joshu asked, “If I don’t study it, how can I know it?” Nansen answered, “The Way does not belong […]


Unapproachable Approach

A disciple came to the master and asked for his blessing. The master said to him, “I will bless you when you write down all you understand about the religious life and what has brought you to it.” The disciple went away and began to write. A year later, he came back to the master […]


Drop the mind and truth is revealed

Actually, you cannot drop the mind, you even cannot be conscious of the mind; you can only be conscious of thoughts in the mind. There is no mind in existence, only thinking. Only if you become conscious of the thoughts, you come to know what the mind is. Thoughts continuously cover consciousness, and you think […]


Exclusive Interview with Ivan Rados

Experience Conscious Living – Exclusive Interview with Ivan Rados June 2011 http://www.bestofyoutoday.com BOYT: Please explain how you define consciousness, this term is often used but also often misunderstood. Ivan: Consciousness cannot be defined, it has never been defined and it will never be defined. To define something you have to create a distance, you need to […]


Flue is a Divine Intervention

Existence is an expression of universal consciousness, which naturally and automatically evolves. However, when consciousness arises in a human being, the automatic aspect ceases, as it has fulfilled its purpose. Having transcended the natural process of collective evolution, humans are free to decide whether or not to evolve further—to enter into the fullness of consciousness, […]


Laugh at Yourself

Laughing often for no reason at all is considered to be madness by others. The mind demands a reason to laugh, for it needs something objective in order to be joyful. In society, if you laugh for no reason too much, you may be locked away in a psychiatric ward. Jokes are excuses to laugh. […]