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    ach moment of now, one has to be at ease with oneself. You cannot learn to be at ease; you can only be at ease. Do not try to improve; do not cultivate anything. Do whatsoever you are doing, but be at ease, be meditative, calm, and centred. Include yourself in everything you do. Include every experience in your consciousness. Include everything in your being. That is the meditation. That is the compassion. In compassionate state of being you have a feeling that there is no centre of you. And if there is no centre, there is no self, no ego, no mind, only consciousness conscious of itself.

    Do not leave anything behind. Look through perspective of musical harmony. All notes have to be in tune, have to be in melody for the musical harmony to happen. When everything is completed, included in absolute, then the whole is. The whole is more than absolute, because absolute is the way towards the whole. When you put all the parts together, when they are total, in one absolute inclusiveness, there is a symphony- then there is the whole.

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