Heart Meditation

March 22, 2018 - 7:00 pm

Port Coquitlam

Heart Meditation

Ivan Rados 


Do not miss this rare opportunity to meditate with Ivan Rados, to open your heart and allow the compassionate consciousness to flow, healing you and connecting you to the wholeness.

Ivan Rados’ Heart Meditation is unique and powerful, yet, simple and easy, as he teaches us how to enter our hearts effortlessly, which is the only way to truly meditate, as meditation cannot be imposed by the mind and its thinking; it cannot be required or searched; it can only arises out of your heart as love for who you are.

“Love is in your heart right now.”



“Meditation has nothing to do with time and place, but it has something to do with your inner space – right here, and your inner time – always now. That is where your heart is. Always in the Now. You are Now. Life is right Now. “

Heart is like a river, flowing, purifying and healing, feeling aliveness in all aspects of your life, always Now. Be present in your heart, not in your mind. By being steadily present in your heart, flowing like a river, allowing, accepting and going through every experience, every happening, and every thing, slowly the flow becomes more and more conscious. Then, wherever you are and whatsoever you do, deep down the flow of consciousness goes on flowing. Even by being surrendered with all kind of disturbances, confusions and uncertainties, your consciousness will flow and you will be ultimately present and utterly silent in your healthy oneself. This is how the state of permanent and deep bliss is achieved.

Love is beyond any techniques, it is not over there but right here, not then but right now. No path is needed to find love, because love is your inner nature, and it can only be remembered, right where you are – NOW.”


– Ivan Rados – The Art Of Meditation

Disclaimer: Ivan Rados and anyone associated with this work make no claims, promises, guarantees, representations or warranties and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.


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