Atma is a meditation master who was born in Former Yugoslavia. At the age of 42 he experienced a profound inner awakening that changed his perception of himself and the reality, after which Atma was devoted to integrate his knowing into his being, marking the beginning of a movement towards the inner point, which he calls The Middle Point. He started teaching meditation regularly from his healing studio in Vancouver.

As a healer Atma is a true master of both himself and his life. Ivan asserts that he heals no one but simply helps people heal themselves through the power of Consciousness. His journey reads like a book of miracles, which he modestly labels “ordinarinesses.” The wisdom he shares comes from his deep roots in the One-Self, the source of everything. Atma has assisted thousands in reconnecting with their state of health, in personal, groups and long distance sessions.

Atma is not associated with any particular spiritual movement, religion or tradition. Atma deep and authentic rooting in the unknown provides him the insight and ability to be of great service to the evolution of Consciousness in these most transformative of times. Ivan travels extensively, taking his knowingness throughout the world, facilitating meditation classes, talks, intensives, and retreats.

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It is important to understand that I am not going to discuss any system of beliefs or dogma, or any contemporary philosophy or new age spirituality. I am not interested in metaphysics, because I am not dominated by the mind and possessed by dry thoughts. I don’t represent so-called religions, which has been exploited humanity for thousands of years. I am all for the true religion which deals with consciousness and being, not with the mind and its ideologies. I am here to offer you my understanding beyond the mind and its boundaries, how to awake in your consciousness, become aware of your being, and to be religious again.

Atma - The Language of WHOLENESS