No-Thing is the same in existence.

No-Thing is the same in existence. Everything else is changing, since permanency doesn’t exist. The mind is in search of permanent happiness, health, wealth, peace, and love. By looking for permanent health, disease becomes a permanent phenomenon, a chronic state. By looking for permanent happiness, misery becomes a permanent state of mind. By looking for peace, war becomes a permanent world affair.

Heaven and hell are within the mind. Change your mind to a state of no-mind! The mind might say, “I will help you.” What the mind is actually saying is, “I will change from one state of mind to another state of mind, and all the states are us.”

It’s easy for the mind to change its disease. The mind dreams and has thoughts and desires that are constantly changing. Nothing isn’t permanent but eternal. It’s the same nothingness as infinity. Existence isn’t the illusion, but our way of looking through the mind is the illusion. When we attain the inner integrity of our being, nothing is the same in our existence. Then existence starts to pour infinite energy into us through air, water, earth, and sunlight.

The infinite is ultimately the same nothingness in you. It’s fullness of being, expressing itself as joyfulness. What are you going to do with this infinite nothingness? You can waste it by trying to create a permanent state, or do nothing about it. By doing nothing about it, you are in total acceptance and trust, whereupon a certain integrity of being comes into your awareness. Not to compromise with the mind by creating a permanent state is to stay in this integrity, and enlightenment will follow. If you compromise, your individuality, authenticity, intelligence, and consciousness—your integrity—will be lost, so that disease becomes a chronic state for you.

Book Excerpts – The Middle Point – Ivan Rados

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