One to one with Ivan and Lana Rados

Hi Marc,
I am=
not sure if you ever received this for the website and promotion, if you di=
d not , here it is again.

Are you ready to dive even deeper into h=
ealing, transformation and soul awakening? If yes, then you wouldn’t want to=
miss an opportunity to work with either Lana or Ivan on a 1:1 basis. Here a=
re more details:
Deeper integration and transformat=
ion with either Lana or Ivan: In order to utilize your work with any spirit p=
lant medicine to its fullest, it is highly advisable to engage in further, d=
eeper integration and transformation, preferably on a 1:1 basis. This could b=
e just 1 or several sessions, depending on your preference and needs. Most p=
eople find just 1 session with either Ivan or Lana sufficient to fully under=
stand their journey and all the messages from their souls and to translate t=
hem into their daily lives, their relationships and work.

Cosmic Psychotherapy: Imagine being in an intensive, all day 1=
:1 psychotherapy with a highly experienced and knowledgeable therapist, whos=
e unique and powerful gift and skills are amplified by the divine love and s=
upreme wisdom of the sacred medicine! in these amazing, individual, all day s=
essions, you will be able to heal the deepest emotional wounds, even those t=
hat are not accessible to conventional therapy, as they might be preverbal o=
r just deeply suppressed, causing various difficulties, such as anxiety, dep=
ression, addiction, relationship difficulties, health issues etc. Being able=
to access and heal those wounds will result in a greater self-actualization=
, more happiness, peace and vitality, as well as more fulfilling and loving r=
elationships.  Most of Lana=E2=80=99s clients say that they have achiev=
ed more in this special session than in years, even decades of regular thera=
py with other therapists!
Astral intensi=
ve healing:
Those of you who have attended Ivan and Lana=E2=80=99s cerem=
onies will know what we are talking about here. Remember all the amazing, po=
werful, magical healing that you were feeling while Ivan was attending to yo=
u during the ceremony? Many of you said that you even saw his astral body ra=
ising and coming to you to heal you. Now imagine him doing that for the enti=
re day, just on you! This is 1:1 intensive magic astral healing ceremony wit=
h Ivan, a truly life changing, magical and unforgettable experience!
Wild Zen: Sharpen your masculine edge and s=
often your heart at the same time! In this, 3 day 1:1 retreat in wilderness w=
ith Ivan, you will heal your toxic or weak masculinity, and, as a result, wi=
ll become deeply rooted in your masculine power, while also open-hearted, mo=
re aware and at ease with all aspects of you. You will become a true new age=
hero, the kind of a partner, father, friend, and human being that you were a=
lways meant and deserve to be! Find out more and/or to book at

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