Do not rely on God to save you from yourself. Repent and you will be saved.

In other religions, repentance is the act of confessing your sinful actions by going to church or other temple and confessing any misdeeds or sins and asking for forgiveness. How many times have you repented, and nothing has changed? How many times have you repented but still you are angry, aggressive, greedy, and lost in your ego-self conflict? Did your repentance save you?

Look at the ego-self meaning of repentance. When you repent, you are in fact trying to patch up and restore your own broken ego-self image. The real principle of repentance is saving oneself by One Self. You don’t have to go to an appropriate religious place and confess; you just have to bring awareness into your daily activities and you are in repentance and you will be forgiven by One Self. If you ask One Self with awareness to be forgiven, you will be forgiven by that awareness.

Is there any higher or superior self other than One Self in your heart who can forgive you? No, but if you ask One Self, if you bring consciousness, alertness to the moment of now, there is no need to do anything else. All your sins, wrong-doing, faults, and misdeeds will be forgiven.

Sins are nothing more than your unconscious acts. Bring consciousness in to your unconsciousness and you will be in repentance. You will be forgiven. Within your innermost being, all faults, misdeeds and sins (big or small) will melt into the light of your consciousness. In this light of the Infinite Consciousness, there is no room for ego-mind or ‘me’ to intervene or to be in guilt, ignorance, separation or non-existence.

Repentance doesn’t mean to regret, be in sorrow, remorse or shame. It means to ‘return’ to, ‘turn in’ or ‘return to the inner source.’ Jesus’ words ‘repent’ simply meant ‘meditate.’ In meditation, you will return to your being, to the Fathers’ heaven.

Bring awareness into your consciousness right now and you will be cleared from your ego-self. You won’t need any salvation. All that you need is to move your attention from outside to inside reality, and return to the source.

Do not punish yourself; attentiveness is enough. Be attentive to your inattention. Be conscious that you have not been conscious. Do not feel guilty. Repent. Repentance is attainment of this clarity of vision from the Infinite Consciousness. It is your inner being. Repent now. Bring awareness into your consciousness, be aware of your One Self and you will be forgiven by the divine in your heart.


 Ivan Rados 

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