The Middle Point Discourse Series

Seven Dream Bodies

Seven Dream Bodies Let me remind you again. Maya means everything is dream. It is there because you wanted it to be there. The mind is a dream. All that belongs to the mind is a dream. All that the mind is doing is a dream. Positive or negative, good or bad, whatsoever—the mind is […]


ASTRAL MAGIC WITNESSING MEDITATION with Lana and Ivan Rados Why the sacred plants medicine ceremony with Ivan and Lana Rados are different than what you may have experienced when compared to other similar ceremonies. A medicine ceremony is usually performed by a competent, highly trained and experienced shaman who has long experience with the power […]

Witnessing is the key

The ancient Greeks believed that the breath is a giver of life, and when the body dies with the last breath, the soul leaves the body. The word ‘psychosis’ contains the root psyche, (soul, mind, or spirit) and it’s associated with the essence of life (or ‘giver of life’), so psychosis has come to mean […]

It’s All About Witnessing

TETHOS – ORIGIN: from Middle French methode, from Latin methodus, “way of teaching or going,” from Greek methodus, “scientific inquiry, method of inquiry,” originally “pursuit, following after,” from meta- “after,” “a traveling, way.” Meditation requires a method to go into a spaceless whole. Love doesn’t require any method because it involves total surrender to the […]

Suffering Is Not

I was having a conversation with some Buddhist monk who got offended by the title of one of my Sacred Geometry Yantras called ‘Suffering is NOT.’ He said, “How can you mislead people stating that there is no suffering in life? Buddha said, ‘Life is suffering’, that is his first noble truth.” “How do you […]

Finger Pointing to the Moon

Question What does the “Finger Pointing to the Moon” Zen analogy mean? Zen doesn’t say things in syllogisms, but in poetry. Zen is not what it says. Zen is what it shows. Listen and look. Don’t say anything. What do you see? Nothing! That is Zen. Buddha said, ‘Be a light unto yourself’. Buddha’s message […]

Enlightenment is right NOW

Question Is there any shortcut to enlightenment? Yes there is. This is the simple formula to get enlightened instantly, right now. Are you ready? I don’t know who I am, but I know that I am. I don’t know how I know, but I know that I know. In this process of knowing, ‘I’ am […]


Self-remembering is a methodless method that leads toward unity with the whole. When all your unconscious activities become the conscious act of now, and all your doing has been replaced with non-doing, you remember One-Self and have attained awareness. In awareness, you aren’t aware of your awareness. To be aware of your awareness, distance is […]


Life is a gift, but we forget this and end up not being grateful. Observing life via the ego, we feel unhappy, hurt, and confused because we aren’t getting what we want. However, when we drop the ego, we are no longer in conflict with life, which allows the infinite whole to flow through us […]