No-Thing Is The Same In Existence.

No-Thing is the same in existence. Everything else is changing, since permanency doesn’t exist. The mind is in search of permanent happiness, health, wealth, peace, and love. By looking for permanent health, disease becomes a permanent phenomenon, a chronic state. By looking for permanent happiness, misery becomes a permanent state of mind. By looking for peace, war becomes a permanent world affair.

Heaven and hell are within the mind. Change your mind to a state of no-mind! The mind might say, “I will help you.” What the mind is actually saying is, “I will change from one state of mind to another state of mind, and all the states are us.”

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Do not rely on God to save you from yourself. Repent and you will be saved.

In other religions, repentance is the act of confessing your sinful actions by going to church or other temple and confessing any misdeeds or sins and asking for forgiveness. How many times have you repented, and nothing has changed? How many times have you repented but still you are angry, aggressive, greedy, and lost in your ego-self conflict? Did your repentance save you?

Look at the ego-self meaning of repentance. When you repent, you are in fact trying to patch up and restore your own broken ego-self image. The real principle of repentance is saving oneself by One Self. You don’t have to go to an appropriate religious place and confess; you just have to bring awareness into your daily activities and you are in repentance and you will be forgiven by One Self. If you ask One Self with awareness to be forgiven, you will be forgiven by that awareness.

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The Middle Point Unapproachable Approach

A disciple came to the master and asked for his blessing. The master said to him, “I will bless you when you write down all you understand about the religious life and what has brought you to it.”

The disciple went away and began to write. A year later, he came back to the master and said, “It has been a challenging year trying to understand the religious life and my own struggle to live it.”

The master read many thousands of words and said, “I can see your point and your reasons. You are very eloquent and clear in explaining your way, but it is too long. Go and try to shorten it a little.”

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The Nonexistence Of God

I was talking to my friend about nonexistence of God,  when someone who was standing behind me said, “How do you know that there is no God?”

“Are you questioning me or your belief?” I said

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“Not understanding is the real way towards your liberation,” I replied.

No thought, concept or any mental impression is sufficient enough to contain your consciousness. All beliefs, ideas and concepts disable and paralyze your consciousness.

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