The Middle Point Unapproachable Approach

A disciple came to the master and asked for his blessing. The master said to him, “I will bless you when you write down all you understand about the religious life and what has brought you to it.”

The disciple went away and began to write. A year later, he came back to the master and said, “It has been a challenging year trying to understand the religious life and my own struggle to live it.”

The master read many thousands of words and said, “I can see your point and your reasons. You are very eloquent and clear in explaining your way, but it is too long. Go and try to shorten it a little.”

The disciple went away and after three years came back to the master with a shortened version of his understanding.

The master read it and said, “I can see your clarity, your perception, and your openness, but it is still a little long. Go and try to condense it.”

After seven years the disciple came back to the master. Bowing down, he offered him one page, explaining, “This is the essence of my life, and I ask your blessings for having brought me to it.”

The master read it and he said, “This is so simple and beautiful, but it is not yet perfect. Go and try to reach a final conclusion.”

So many years passed and the master started to prepare for his end. The disciple returned to him, kneeled before him, and handed him a single sheet of paper on which was written nothing.

The master placed his hand on his forehead and said, “Now you have arrived at understanding.”


This is the “unapproachable approach,” which I call the Middle Point. It’s the approach of the One-Self at the heart of everything. By taking this approach, you look at the world from the “beyond.” You find yourself in the process, the movement of “beyondness,” unfolding your ultimate truth in this moment, this point of now.

What is “beyondness”? It’s nothingness, with the properties of spacelessness, timelessness, and changelessness. Beyondness is awareness as conscious nothing, for only conscious nothing can contain conscious everything.

Beyondness is being that is infinite in extension and its all-pervading awareness of everything and all-quality of nothing. In infinite being there is no distance, because this being is not only everywhere, but equally every-where and in the same manner no-where.

All things in this reality have their function. It isn’t a matter of understanding, but a matter of a sudden happening. Beyondness is happening. Nothingness is happening. The universe just happened and is still happening.

It all about recognition, recognizing your real One-Self as happening, and being aware of it as nothing, as the point of now. This is the middle point. You actually achieve nothing, because you are it. If you realize this with awareness, you have attained the very point of now.


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The Middle Point
    • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
    • ISBN 978-0-9780803-4-1
    • Format: Softcover 214 pages
    • Publication date: December 2012
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This is a book that reads more like a meditation than a self-help book. Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, it’s a shocker you’ll need to sit with and slowly absorb. Rarely have I seen what it really takes to begin loving who you are—and loving your life—spelled out like this.