The Nonexistence Of God

I was talking to my friend about nonexistence of God,  when someone who was standing behind me said, “How do you know that there is no God?”

“Are you questioning me or your belief?” I said

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“Not understanding is the real way towards your liberation,” I replied.

No thought, concept or any mental impression is sufficient enough to contain your consciousness. All beliefs, ideas and concepts disable and paralyze your consciousness.

Don’t define yourself; just be conscious that you are. To be conscious is to be really religious. There is no need for any other religion in the world, just be conscious that you are. Real religion is not about believing in God, soul, heaven, or this or that; it is knowing that which is eternal within you, divine, and the truth of your own existence.

One person said to me, “My whole life I used to believe in God, but now I don’t.”

I asked him, “What made you change your belief?”

“Cancer,” he said. “

But the cancer is also God’s creation,” I replied.

Belief exists in ideologies, doctrines, theologies, philosophies, ideas, and outside of you. Life is consciousness; without it you don’t live.

Everybody has been conditioned to believe in something. Belief has entered into our bones and our blood; it has become an essential part of our life.  All beliefs are adopted. How can something you borrowed lead you towards finding who you are?

Situated directly below belief is disbelief. You believe, pray to God, sacrifice your life to God, and your beloved dies; disbelief arises.

Death can destroy any belief, because it is only a thought; it is not worth much.

God is a fiction, a lie created by the fictional, lying mind. All the religions are telling people to be honest, to be truthful, but they are teaching lies. Who is a hypocrite here? You know nothing about God, but you still believe in God and teach God’s words. You follow ancient knowledge, the Holy Scriptures, the principles of life preached for thousands of years, but you know nothing about life. The ancient knowledge seems more reliable than your own consciousness. Religions are telling you, “Listen to the authority of God,” but your own consciousness is your own authority, far more truthful than any other gods.

Believing in lies and living according to the principles of those lies makes one guilty. With the guilt you cannot rejoice in existence, you can only destroy it.

All the religions have been and still are against consciousness. Organized religions are the greatest obstacle to freedom. Believers in God are enslaved, oppressed, and exploited. People are forced to be unnatural. The greatest crime against existence is to force someone to feel guilty for his being. Religions are against everything that can make you a whole person.

Meditate on the word ‘Renunciation.’ The moment you start renouncing life, you are committing a crime against your being. You start forgetting consciousness, love, and your own truth; you start destroying the existence by torturing yourself. If you are destroying the existence, how can you live and love?

Real religion is not a social phenomenon, has nothing to do with collectivity, but is an individual matter, a matter of consciousness.


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The Language of Wholeness
The Language of Wholeness
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