Distance Healing


Ivan Rados is available for one-to-one private energy healing sessions, distance energy healing sessions or individual intuitive spiritual guidance.

As Ivan effortlessly guides your energy, you will experience a shift in your health and well-being, your perception of self, your awareness and your peace.

Your immediate healing is largely dependent on your level of awareness, your intentions, level of resistance to change, level of your control, which depend on your beliefs, definition of self, and the reality you create and believe to be the truth. Ivan Rados can help you to overcome all your inhibitions and obstacles for the health to be you again. All that is required is that you remain open, receptive and sensitive.

To conduct distance energy healing, Ivan accesses your holographic astral body. For this to happen, he either meets with you in person or works with a recent photograph. While you may be on the other side of the globe physically, for Ivan, you are in front of him and literally within him, right here and now. Intuitively and compassionately he identifies any non-coherent patterns manifesting as non-fluid, stagnant low vibrational energy, which cause you to experience difficulties, pain, stress and anxiety, life-depleting habits and negative perceptions. Through the power of unconditional love, non-intention intent, and intuitive creative visions, Ivan performs a transformation in the subtle layer of your being, your astral body. He transforms information which is causing you to experience a lack of health, balance and happiness. This transformation aligns you with your natural state of balance, your original being, health, peace and bliss. Your changed astral matrix then talks to all other layers of your multilayered temple we call human body (physical body, emotional body, mental body, etheric body, cosmic body…), aligning and adjusting them to the wholeness.

With Ivan unique gift of highly evolved intuition, he is able to tap into vast reserves of universal knowledge, information, creativity and subtle, high-vibrational healing energies, which he utilizes through the power of his own energy vibrations and visualizations to transform your non-coherent patterns into positive outcomes on all levels of your being. Intuitive healing visualizations are conducted by using the energy of Sacred Geometry and Bio-Photon informational non-local quantum transfer. Sometimes, Ivan performs healing with the help of our family of light, the guides and the light healers of the different densities and realm of existence, and other energies from higher densities to enhance the healing process. This is very much multidimensional healing without modularity and methodology, since we are all individually different and no healing patterns can work on all of us equally. Intuition and psychic visions are the basic parameters of Ivan’s healing, which provide creative solutions to assist your healing.

Your immediate healing is dependent on your conscious awareness, your intentions, resistance to change, level of your control, which depends on your beliefs, definition of Self, thoughts and chemically produced emotions, and your ability to allow healing to happen.

Ivan Rados can help you to overcome all your inhibitions and obstacles for the healthy you to be again you. All that is required is that you remain open, receptive and sensitive.

♦ Send or email your photo. Faxed photos are blurry. I prefer a photo that was taken within the last 3 years.

♦ Explain what the healing is for and what your concerns are.

♦ Tell me where you live and give some identifying characteristics of yourself.

♦ Mention any specific questions you would like to have answered.

♦ All appointments are secured by your payment and are non refundable.

♦ Upon receipt of the required information, and processing of your payment, your appointment will be scheduled based on urgency and the timeframe your conditions require.

♦ You will be emailed the Instructions for your Appointment.

♦ Your appointment is made in Pacific Time (USA & Canada).

♦ You are responsible for calling me for your sessions.

♦ You are required to give me a 24 hour notice for any rescheduling.

$150 for a session.You may pay by Pay Pal or check.

If paying by check, the funds must clear before the healing session is performed.

Mailing Address:

Ivan Rados, #616-402 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1T6, Canada


Thank you for your interest and confidence in my work, I sincerely appreciate it!

Energy Healing clients are encouraged to continue taking their prescriptions and to consult with their physicians on medical matters.

Energy Healing should be seen as a complement to traditional medicine





Wanted to share about my experience yesterday…

Last night, I felt like I was coming down with something during the session. My throat hurt, my ears , my body- it felt as if I was getting fever too. I had a nap which felt like I slept forever, and woke up feeling so renewed. I feel again that the pain I have held on to is gently being flushed out of my body. I find I need to integrate for a day or so , before I can put it into words – it feels like there is work being done even for hours afterwards. Every week, I feel better and better. It’s the most blissful feeling. I have no idea how this is possible at a distance, but the results after speak for themselves. I feel lighter, more energized, calm, and haven’t felt depressed in some time! So, that’s a *huge* improvement for me. It’s so beautiful!

Thank you so much, Ivan and Lana, for these amazing experiences.

Sonya Av

Hey there, I wanted to share my experience from last night. It was my first time attending a healing
from Ivan Rados. And I am absolutely wowed.

When I settled down to meditate, I was listening to my favourite music, and closing my eyes. I
imagined being part of the universe, and I started to feel my body ache. It started in my knees, and
it felt like a hot knife being stabbed into me, it went on for a few minutes and then it started to
get better. That happened to my knees, my ribs, my elbows, wrists, and shoulders. Then all the pain
started to get better. It started to feel like there wasn’t any pain at all, and that I was started to
finally feel better. I ended up falling asleep after the healing, and woke up to feeling incredible.
Today I have no pain what so ever in any parts of my body that normally have pain. This experience was
one of the best I have ever had, and I can’t wait to join again sometime!

Thank you so much Ivan Rados for offering this healing to others. It was magical. ❤️

Mickayla Worsley

Ivan, I slept the entire night. First time in I don’t even remember. Thank you ❤️❤️

Maryanne Paul

I was resting in my tree, as usual, expecting only to sway in the current of your energy. Suddenly, I
felt a strong and sudden pulling, like something was torn out of the middle of me. I was admonished to
“let it go already!” LOL! Then tingling started in my left leg, then my right toe and thigh, in the
exact spots where my body was aching after a long day of sedentary work. When the tingling subsided, I
felt like I was floating on a gentle, undulating current. I guess I had been worrying about my friend,
too. I felt a deep sadness, and then I saw her float by. She looked peaceful. I wish that for her.
Today, I was never far from my body. I felt like much work had been done. When I got up, I felt
ravenous. And now I feel like I could sleep for a week. Another wonderful connection, Ivan. Thank you
so much. Thank you, Lana. I hope you both rest well.

Shelley Tucker


Hi Ivan! Thank you so much for your continued healing offerings. This evening was very different in my
experience as it was the session most anchored in the physical body. There were no visions nor
journeying experiences as in the past. At the start of the session, I felt a calming energy sweep
over, and soon after it felt as if there were many thin sharp needles around and under my left
shoulder blade. That lasted for at least half of the session. Once that stopped. The piercing and
pinching stopped, too. Another wave of calming energy came through. It was very interesting and a very
different experience from previous ones. Thank you so much for your continued offerings and the gift
of your work. Blessings to you and yours.

Daniela Sales

Wow. I just lay down to meditate along but I feel like I’ve woken up from a journey. I suppose my
father is part of me and that’s why I felt something as well if he was getting healing. I felt my body
being embraced by warmth and lifted up. Then I was plunged into this state of being lost in different
identities and realities. I came back to the room for a few minutes, then a song came on which
exploded into these colourful fractals which took on 3 dimensions as I closed my eyes. So powerful! To
clarify for anyone reading, the only thing I “took” before this was gluten-free pasta, which I’m
fairly certain is not known for its hallucinogenic properties haha. So I don’t know what’s happening
while all this is going on but I’m not complaining! Thank you.

Antonia Dolhaine


Hi Ivan, thanks, a door of light opened for me. I floated through that. Then I noticed a new feeling.
Then promptly at 730, I sneezed. Probably a release of stuff. Thanks!

A.J. Brown


Finally sharing my experience of two healing sessions. The healing session on April 23 I was having a
hard time focusing at the beginning as there was a lot of noise outside. Once it became quiet I could
feel sensations around my heart and my lungs. At first I thought they were just spasms but it felt
different. It is hard to describe, it almost felt like something was being removed from those areas. I
also felt sensations around my right kidney. I came out of the relaxation feeling very peaceful.

The next session on April 30, I had done a breathwave session with Dr Nick earlier in the day. I had a
big release of anger, grief and sadness, I wasn’t sure I had much left in me. Again I had a hard time
relaxing at the beginning of Ivan’s healing because of the 7 pm celebration outside. Once it became
quiet, I started to release more emotion, more sadness and grief then I stopped crying and I felt
peaceful. After a few minutes I started to feel a sensation in my liver, once again it felt like
something was being removed. After the session I felt very much at peace.

Last weeks session I put in my earplugs to not be disturbed by the celebration outside. This time a
didn’t feel any sensations in my body but the left side of my face started to spasm and my lip curled
up, I couldn’t relax my face, perhaps I was channelling Elvis or an angry dog, lol. After a bit I
zoned out, I’m not sure where I was yet I felt like I was part of a collective energy.

For a number of years I have been waking up around 2 am and would have to get up to go to the
bathroom. More recently it has been switching between 2 am and 4 am. According to Chinese medicine
those would be anger and sadness times and relate to the liver and the lungs, the two areas I have
been feeling the sensations.

I am now sleeping through the night which is amazing. I have been doing some breath work and a short
cold-water treatment at the end of my shower along with attending the Global Distant Healing.

The night of the full moon I woke up at exactly 3:45 am which was the time of the full moon here in
Vancouver. I could not go back to sleep so it was a long day and that night I returned to sleeping
through the night again.

I was sharing with a dear friend yesterday that I feel such a peace in my heart, I feel love, I feel I
am love.

Thank you Ivan for the healing you are giving me, thank you for your generosity. In a time when I
could potentially be so stressed, I’m sleeping normally, I’m calm and happy, I feel really good and

Connie Pretula

Thank you so much for your invitation to your free Healing Sessions, Ivan. Today ( Friday morning,
‘reposting’ a previous private message from yesterday), around 5 am , Europe Time, I heard and saw
your name – Ivan- and felt your so (divinely) Sweet and strong loving presence. As well I could feel
/sense Nicholas Wong and sensed the beautiful community .-I didn’t join this time-, I’d love to join
for the next time again, if you offer it again. I receive every Thursday exactly the same time a
healing session from two Healers ( one at a time) I join their Community since a long time. So I
wasn’t sure if it makes sense to receive a ‘Double Healing’ at the same time. I just want to say that
I so honor your amazing Divine strong loving presence and your amazing offer of your Healing Sessions,
and your work of course. Thank you so very much, this connection with you today alone was so very

Ursula Böckl

During the last healing session, I felt extremely calm and peaceful. My intention was to heal my right
shoulder blade area that has lately been painful: however, I didn’t feel much happening there.

Instead, I felt a very strong energy current going through my spine and down my entire right leg, with
pylsations in the lumbar area and the knee. That area was a very big problem for me a couple of years
ago, when I injured my back. It’s very interesting that the healing happened there and it makes me
wonder of my shoulder blade pain is related to that old injury, since that’s where I received most
healing. I look forward to more healing and it’s clear to me that I received exactly what I needed
(not necessarily what I wanted).

Thank you very much for your generosity, brother

Sveto Pavlovic

Thank you so much, Ivan Rados; the last heeling was absolutely magical! I’ve never experienced
anything like that in my life. I immediately went into a deep state of relaxation, with no thoughts –
something that I am not normally able to attain in my attempts to meditate. Then, after about maybe
15-20 minutes, all of a sudden, I just lifted out of my body and that was the most amazing experience
ever! I felt like I was able to breath without any restrictions for the first time, as there was no
body to bound my breath. It was so profoundly liberating and joyful. I have experienced your 1:1
healing before as I come to you when I’m pain and you usually take it away, but this was a whole other
level of healing and I am feeling so blessed and privileged for this experience.

Vesna Pavlovic


I just wanted to share my experience from yesterday.

My heart feels full and joyful, and so thankful that such a community exists, first and foremost. Deep
gratitude to Ivan.

Yesterday’s healing was much gentler than the weeks past. I feel my body was integrating the healings
from before. I feel a gentle push, and gentle cleanse, like the pain I held on to for so many years
gradually got flushed out from me through doing this work.

I walk around with a new sense of joy, and lightness, and I feel peacefully excited about the future.
My body and soul was in deep pain and heartache for a very long time. It felt too heavy to keep
carrying all that around. After these sessions, I feel that my spirit and body are not “slowly rotting
away” by holding on to that anymore. My soul no longer feels burdened and sick .

I feel a gentle and positive shift. My soul and heart feel renewed and replenished.

I feel that instead of just managing my depression and numbing myself with substances, I can actually
breathe and joyfully start to do the work I came here to do.

I’m trying to explain what I feel, I hope this makes some sense! 🙂

Thank you so very much!! infinitely !!

Sonya Av

Dear Ivan Rados, this week’s healing session was just as vivid as the previous weeks, yet the
experience was significantly different. Sharing my experience with much gratitude for the blessings of
your generous work.

As the session began, I felt sweeping down the meridian lines, first down the back and then down the
front of the body, crown to feet. Meridian lines began to glow, and the energy flow could be felt very
strongly. That was followed by a feeling of the opening of the shoulder blades and a field of energy
expanding around the chest from there. A circle of light (same as in the previous session) was several
meters above the crown, it extended down to the crown chakra, and a stream of energy surged from root
along the spine and out through the crown. The circle of light expanded and extended further as a
column of light surrounding me. Chakra centers expanded and it felt as if they were elevated from the
bodies, then placed back radiating much wider than before the session.

Waves of light around the whole luminous field streamed through, green, violet, and white ribbons of
light were streaming through, too.

Ivan Rados appeared clearly several times throughout the session. A luminous being accompanying him
was visible, too. What transpired towards the end of the session was very new with respect to the
experiences from the previous weeks. I could clearly ‘see’ hand positions (mudras): /fingers spread
and touching at tips of the two hands/, /hands in prayer opposition with thumbs at the forehead/,
/hands with the heel of the palm and fingertips connected but open in the middle and held in front of
the forehead/, /hands in prayer position with thumbs at the heart center/.

Sending deep gratitude for the healing, teaching, and blessings you so generously extend.

Much love and light to you and all.

Daniela Sales

Thank you Ivan! After few deep inhalation and exaltation I was able to observe my physical body going
through emotions of fear and pain. This emotions were not observed as part of my past childhood trauma
but more something that was present rather in my past life or different dimension. While my body was
stif and tears were coming down my face, the experience was not upsetting or disturbing. The sense of
reassurance and belonging were present. I was aware of your presence and waves of gratitude were going
in and out of my body. I am writing this message in the morning with my mind being quiet and heart
full of love. Thank you.

Vesna Todorovic

Last night after the healing, I had the most incredibly vivid dream, both visually and emotionally. I
don’t remember all the specifics, but Ivan was there healing me from a few feet away as I was lying
down on a hospital bed. I just remember this incredible feeling of expansiveness and freedom as I
realized I was being taught to surrender to my suffering gracefully and let go of my attachments. As I
did that and was being drawn back into the present moment, I entered into the most amazing state of
bliss! I woke up in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes and this immense feeling of
gratitude. Thank you Ivan! I look forward to next week’s healing

Antonia Dolhaine

Another significant healing journey with Ivan – thank you! Initially, I was touching the roots of a
large tree in the forest followed by the vision of Ivan pulling out of my body a weed-like vine (like
a morning glory vine) which involved undoing a significant knot (not sure whether it was the knot of
the vine or something else). The experience ended with me slowly dancing naked around and touching the
same tree that now I saw in its entirety. Afterward, I felt much lighter and able to breathe more
deeply. Thank you again!

Sveta Babic


Sending profound gratitude and Love from myself and my mother Shirley, for incredible healing we
magnificently experienced tonight by Ivan and his noble team.

This was my second experience and this one was amazing as was the first one. I had less thoughts,
emotions and memories and went deep into stillness and more space between thoughts. I was very relaxed
and aware of physical sensations such as gentle pressure on my right ribcage, and few sharper pains
there and elsewhere. I felt as if my head was gently turned and could feel warm bubbling sensation in
my brain. My body was heavy at times and then gently rocked by waves that felt like a heartbeat. Near
the beginning my dog barked at nothing which I thought was interesting but kept on drifting. I was so
deeply relaxed and even now still. I am in awe and filled with love and gratitude for all that you are
and so appreciate this team.

My mother Shirley, had her first experience with Ivan’s healing this evening, and is filled with
profound Love and gratitude and says thank you very much. She asked me to share her experience and
give thanks. She reports she went deep and could feel every vertebrae and even felt her sacral area
being tapped 11 or 12 times. Then she felt her heart moving and expanding and felt like she was
floating on water. At this time her heart kept expanding and was getting bigger and filled the room.
Then she noticed lots of yawning and realized her throat chakra was expanding. She says she felt like
she was vibrating and heart kept expanding. So lovely! She reports having only one memory and was in
nothingness for most of the time. It felt like 5 or 10 minutes had passed but actually an hour went
by. She reports during the healing, it felt like her head moved 3 times. She also saw the prettiest
blue color. She is still feeling so much love and is very greatful for Ivan and the team behind it
all. Thank you.

Melissa Vo

Thank you for the amazing healing Ivan. I was in deep deep sleep only waking to gasp for air. And it
made so much sense after you told me surgery was being performed.

Much love

Iris Tse


I am compelled to write immediately to say thank you, Ivan. Thank you, Lana. I can breathe! As I
relaxed into the meditation, I was thinking about a tree, growing up around me, and anchoring me to
Earth. Soft, green tendrils grew through me, swirling and entwining until they created a strong trunk
that plunged deep into the earth, holding me firm. Above ground, I was enveloped in a leafy cradle,
and my mind became amused at a comical image of me as a bird, peeking out of a nest. Suddenly, my
human lungs were filling with air, without effort. I became aware that this was happening by the
second breathe. For some months, I have been unable to take a full breathe, unable to fill my lungs
fully. But a few minutes ago, suddenly my lungs filled right to the bottom, as if something that was
in the way had been removed. I keep taking deep breaths, testing it, to see if I can still fully
inflate my lungs. And yes, I can. I feel a bit emotional about it, and extremely thankful. Ivan, how
did you do it? What was stopping me from breathing? Can I still take a full breathe? Yup. I can.
Another one? Yes, another full, easy breath of lovely air. Am I imagining it? Nope, because here comes
another one. Thank you, Ivan, for the breath of life!

Shelley Tucker


I usually extend my meditation/healing session by resting and reflecting. What was significant last
time was the perception of Ivan going into a well (bunar) which then extended into a feeling of my
deep bleeding wound that was being worked on. After the experience, I felt a bit groggy. I look
forward to participating in the next session tomorrow/today.

Sveta Babic


Thanks for the healing lastnight.

It was interesting to note there were pockets of pain in my body that I don’t usually notice except
during the sessions. It does feel like “stuck” energy points that you have mentioned…but always feel
refreshed after, thank you.

Iris Tse


What I experienced during the recent Global Distance Healing ✨ -I feel so refreshed this morning After last night’s healing.

I fell asleep and felt pain (body aches and headache, much like the flu), but I woke up so renewed.
It’s like my pain was flushed out of me.

I’m grateful to Lana and Ivan for this beautiful healing.

I can’t say thank you enough. With everything going on with covid, this has provided me with so much
hope. Like a lifeline…

The changes I feel are hard to explain in words, but they’re very palpable. I prayed and grounded
before the meditation , and I was feeling so much emotional turmoil and pain, and felt deeply

The next morning, these feelings lifted. Like I said- like it was flushed out of me. I can’t explain
it but I feel it!

Thank you so much again

Sonya Av


Thank you Ivan Rados for giving us another powerful healing session. I first started seeing strong
purple light, and after that my childhood and younger age memories are appearing. I noticed my throat
is blocking as I choked a bit from time to time. After I awake, I can only say wow… felt like no
word can describe.

I am so grateful to have this amazing experience. Thank you so much

Winnie Leung


Thank you Ivan Rados for such a powerful distance healing session again. Each week the healing gets
more and more exceptional

It is hard to put the whole experience in words but as soon as the healing started, I noticed myself
falling into Alpha state, as my attention focused on my body as I started slowly scanning downwards
from head to toe, focusing golden-white light on each energy center/endocrine system, clearing pent up
energy and emotions built up from the week before. By focusing on those internal sensations and my
breath in the present moment, I could feel my brain waves shift to a slower rhythm into theta, and
time seemed to slow down.

When I came out of the meditative healing an hour had passed and I was in this constant state of
blissful relaxation for the rest of the evening.

Thank you for such a deep experience, looking forward to the next session!

Hamza H Hasan

The first five to ten minutes was spent talking with my wife, who was also here for the healing..we
spoke our intentions and gave thanks to all that we are grateful for. I then felt as if my hands, face
and chest were swollen and numb like an allergic reaction. But now realize it was part of surgery..as
I have experienced before during ceremony.

Eric Theriault


Wow…thank you so much for this deep healing session. I too feel groggy, and felt like I drifted in
and out of consciousness and explored different realms. I could feel my throat chakra opening and
balancing as well as had some emotions released. 🙂 I feel very relaxed now.

Thank you very much. I am so greatful and feel very blessed to have crossed paths.

Melissa Vo


Thank you Ivan Rados. Words cannot adequately express the healing. One new sensation for me this time
almost was a stiffening, or paralysis, during the healing – it was like the cosmic forces were keeping
me still for the “work” or the “surgery” they were performing. Always grateful for the magic that is
created through this experience.

Nicholas Wong


Wow! This was so powerful for me. I immediately noticed my body getting heavy and buzzing, then I saw
a caravan travelling and heard some talk about it moving and realized that it was a meme pry from a
previous life. Ivan and I were leading our people, traveling. Then it hit me that it made sense that
we were nomads before, that’s why we moved 23 times in our 30 years together! 😊 not sure what, but
something was getting cleared and healed from there and then. Then I felt intense pain in 1 spot in my
right lung area and my right cheek and knew that there was surgery being performed there and wanted to
see how was doing it, but didn’t felt ,like when given a general anesthesia- couldn’t stay awake. Woke
up with an awareness that a lot had happened and that there were many people with me somewhere.
Feeling a little groggy, but well.

Thank you, my love.

Lana Svetlana Rados


My goodness, I don’t even know how to put words into what I JUST experienced.

it started of with my thoughts questioning why I’m doing this in the first place, will Ivan or Lana
actually get through to me. I would go in and out of awareness becoming mindful of my thoughts. Once I
realised I had to completely let go & fall into what I was experiencing was when messages starting
coming through. I had many visuals & words at first that were unclear & hazy & than a massive BOOM
like visual explosion surfaced & I followed it consciously to where my body begun to seperate itself
from my mind. I felt what people meant by being the observer form above & decided to tune into each of
my chakras. I begun with my crown chakra & form prior energetic work I’ve realised when they’re
unbalanced your point of axis is also dis balanced. similar sensation to being on a boat on rocky
waters. I had an innate knowing that if I stayed calm & removed fear & felt what I was feeling I could
possibly re align my chakra & I believe I did just that, as i’m here now & feeling more stable/clear &

WOAH, just WOAH!

Thank youuuu.

Dalia Radosevic


In a comfortable meditative state I had a vision of Ivan introducing himself and welcoming me with
mutual respect clearly shown by both. This vision was ‘happening’ in a natural setting familiar from
my childhood. The journey continued on a very spacious semi-circled balcony inside what appeared to be
a huge cave where we were standing in darkness. I knew that this huge space is mine and that it is
underground of a castle that is also mine but I don’t find the way to switch the lights on. In this
scene Ivan was just observing. In the next scene, also in the same area, I was inside a very small
spaceship looking ball-like capsule which was highly sealed/protected with a tick glass-like see-
through shell and although I could see inside I am not sure I saw anything outside of the capsule. I
also released that I can navigate the capsule around. In this scene Ivan was very briefly for a split
of a second inside the capsule with me but then he disappeared.

Sveta Babic


Powerful & Gentle All at the sametime…I could feel the energy moving from one area of my body to the
next. Created a warm & cool sense within the body at the sametime. Energy swirling through me all
night long…I was aware of being in more neutrality with it…This morning when I got up, I was aware
that what I had previously been experiencing prior to the session is harmonized completely.
Thankyou, to All that assisted.


Glenda-Ray Riviere


I had been experience some health challenges last two weeks, and was so blessed to have Ivan Rados
perform distance healing with Nick and I regularly during this time. On the road to recovery and
couldn’t have done it without you. Much love

Iris Tse

At the beginning of the session, I could recognize Ivan’s presence, as in the previous sessions. It
was clear and vivid and now more familiar than in the first session. Very quickly, I felt my awareness
shift into the luminous body. Several meters above, a circle of light appeared. From there, a column
of white light came down and all around me. Through it, a bath of orange light flooded over and
through and around me. It was followed by a purple light bath, and then by a deep blue light bath. The
color baths felt as waves rushing through. After the blue, I felt weightless and surrounded by both, a
sense of emptiness and a sense of presence. Then, I “felt” a question of whether I was ready to accept
the healing work on the right side of my head. In my awareness, I felt free to extend acceptance, and
a circular column of bright light touched the right side of my head. It felt as if a pulsing vacuum
was pulling out what needed to be removed. Shafts of light touched my right side near the third and
first chakras, too. I do not know how long this lasted. Once the shafts of light were removed circular
blasts of green light appeared in my mind’s eye. Then a sense of relaxation flooded through and I
could feel the completion of the process. Once I was back to the waking consciousness, I could see
that 40 minutes had passed.

Thank you for all that you do and share .




Last night I experienced Ivan Rados’s distance healing for the first time. And it was more powerful
than I could have imagined.

Let’s take a step back first. My wife had received healing before. I’ve read and heard the
testimonials. I’ve been doing medicine work with Ivan and experienced his work firsthand. But my
mental brain, my medical brain, couldn’t wrap itself around the distance healing. As much as part of
me wanted to believe, another part thought it was all crap. That’s where I was coming from going into
this, and practicing being open to what transpired.

For the first 10 minutes I had a lot of thoughts. I did a little of my conscious connected breathing
to try and get out of my head and into my body. I can’t say when but something hit me. My mind felt
expansive. My breath felt expansive. I felt the shift inside, as if things were getting cleaned out
and upgraded. I felt my capacity growing. I felt in flow and in harmony.

I felt out of my body at times. Almost like my energetic body was moving around the apartment. I heard
noises that were coming from distances that only made sense if I was hearing them from another place.
I was both conscious and unconscious.

I didn’t know how long this lasted, but I thought at most maybe 30-40 minutes. When I finally allowed
myself to come back and ground into my body, wrote down a couple thoughts, and then glanced at my
phone, 105 minutes had passed. Holy Shit.

There was also an intense heat generation in the body. I had a thin blanket on that I had to kick off
as I based in the afterglow, the clarity of being that was present.

My deepest gratitude to Ivan and his cosmic helpers for the healing I received. I don’t have to
“believe” anymore – I know he has abilities that are beyond my comprehension, and I am grateful to
have experienced the healing. I look forward to receiving more healings in the near future!

Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong Just an update – we’ve had two more sessions with Ivan Rados, and it was a great
reminder to let go of expectations after the first “explosive” session. I’m thrilled with that
reminder, because it allowed me to appreciate the subtlety of the subsequent healings. I could feel
the small nudges, almost massages, in the second healing for my body and brain and focused on the
pineal gland. And on the third healing I could really feel my pulse in my lower back – there’s much
more depth to what all this means, but I wanted to share this in case you feel like you’re missing out
during the healing. Allow yourself to get really present to your body, and notice the subtle shifts. I
am so grateful there there is so much unknown in the universe that I’m starting to experience!


Growing up I always had a spiritual fantasy in my mind. As we all know, fantasies should just be
fantasies. It should not come true.

But for some reason, this fantasy would occur in reality. Again and again it keeps coming back
to me.

I was even avoiding to think about it until I ran
into a series of synchronistic events two years ago.

This exposed my PTSD, an issue that I always had, but never conscious of.

After the ceremony with you and Lana before I came back, I did feel alot better. But there were still
lingering negative thoughts and emotions that triggers from time to time.

Last week I was going through another episode of that depressive state, while in it I learned
about your distance healing on Facebook and I decided to give i’t a try.

During the time of the distance healing I was simply meditating. Those negative thoughts and emotions
became exponentially vivid, comparable to the time when I was still in Vancouver before the ceremony.

But as soon as the healing ended, I woke up from the meditation as if I woke up from sleep. I didn’t
even set an alarm, but I woke up at the exact time of 10:30am Hong Kong time.

From there it felt like the stress and depression has lifted from me! I can “remember” myself
thinking negatively, but I no longer feel the need to think like that. Running into synchronicity
confused me, it made me wonder about life. But the ceremony back in Vancouver taught me to stop
analyzing the past and focus on now.

I could still feel the depression coming back. Therefore I would like to request to participate
in the distance healing again tomorrow.

Thank you and Lana for the help!!

J. A. W. , Hong Kong


That was an amazing session. I honestly felt like I was floating yet surrounded in a loving energy. I
felt sensations around my heart and lungs (the site of sadness). I also felt the release at the end,
suddenly coming back to myself and my surroundings. I had a beautiful journey. Thank you Ivan.

Connie Pretula

Hi Ivan, the second healing session was very helpful! I felt less pain, looking forward to the third
session coming up!

Hi friends, I was shy about sharing this – but I will do so anyway – thank you for your encouragement
Lana 💜
I felt the same heat and sensation in my head. At the beginning of the healing, I had a vision of a
needle sewing my heart up with white thread (I’m not sure what this means but my heart was hurting and
I prayed for healing about this pain before the meditation started).

I was feeling relaxed/woozy/sleepy throughout and towards the end I saw a bird (in my minds eye),
which I think was a crow, flying out of my chest. I think it symbolized the pain leaving.

Thank you for this special experience during times like these. I know the healing and work is up to me
but it sure feels amazing to get help. Thank you so much again.

Sonya Av


Thank you Ivan for giving us this healing session. I based in HK and I am so grateful having this opportunity to participate on the other side of the world. This was the first session and

I followed the instruction, just relax and get comfortable. Around the time began, my head started
feeling the energy is approaching. During the session, I can feel your presence with love.

When my eyes first opened (around 30 mins after the session), I feel refresh, calm and something has
released from me. During the day, I feel courage, energetic with joy. Your healing has guided me to
have a new insight about love. My deep gratitude for your healing work and your loving kindness. Thank

Winnie Leung

Ivan, I’m not sure what type of healing was given to me during the last session but I woke up the next
morning with a renewed sense of strength and determination.

The previous session brought a past friend, who never respects my boundaries, back into my life and
once again she is asking to rekindle our friendship, this time I have the strength to say no. In the
past, out of loneliness, I would accept her excuses for why she is so hurtful to me.

Various reminders have been showing up for me lately, which I know are not a coincidence, I realize I
have not been living in my power for some time, years actually.

We can stray from our power for various reasons, for me I was searching for it in others which
depleted me. All of the work I have been doing lately showed me I’ve forgotten what I have inside.
Eventually the alignment begins and I have decided it is time to start living in my power, thank you
for supporting me through my healing.

Wishing you a beautiful day. So grateful for all of you and everything you do.

Connie Pretula

Thank you Ivan for these healing sessions! The very first healing session I felt energized and more
stronger than I have felt in awhile. I just woke up after the second session I will let you know later
on how I feel.

Carolyne May

Thank you friends. Ivan, I felt held and empowered by your compassionate and gentle embrace. Back in
my body, two feet planted as I returned and powerfully whole. So much love for all that you are.

Ashley Avinashi

Dear Ivan, Sharing below reflections with deep gratitude for your Lana’s and Nicholas’ work. Feeling
your presence was remarkable and healing in itself to see and be seen in the sacred work of Light.

Both sessions (this week and last week) were very vivid and deeply healing. I could clearly see and
sense your presence and the clearing/healing work you facilitated for us. Most of the process in the
first session was about removing large burdens from the back area (the burdens I was so used to that
their energy and weight became apparent only after they were lifted). The lifting was followed by the
long and deep clearing and healing in the area of the heart center. Release and clearing moved down,
through, and out the right side just below the ribs. As that came to completion, I became aware of
several healers’ energies and the clearing process moved to the front. I could feel the major chakras
being lifted and I felt a shift, connecting and guiding me towards healing sounds and a sense of
movement. Soon, all of the sound and movement dissipated, and I could feel each of the chakras re-
integrated. Waves of light flooded through and the session felt complete soon after that. The shift in
everything was very strong. Since then, my healing and meditation work has shifted significantly to a
new plane. Last night’s healing had a different quality. It was remarkable to feel your presence again
so clearly. The experience of clearing and releasing started in the head area and moved down to the
throat area. The pouring out of what needed to be released was followed again by the flooding of
light. After last night’s session, I had an urge to sleep. I woke up about 30 minutes later feeling
refreshed and inspired to complete the project I began earlier in the week. Sending deep gratitude for
your generous healing work this and last week. It was a true honor to have participated in the global
sessions you facilitated. Many Blessings,

Daniela Sales


Thank you so much to Lana and Ivan for being with us during these times. Gives me so much hope . Can’t
say thank you enough !!!

Sonya Av

Hi Ivan. Just wanted to say thank you for your magic healing work in the last 2 distance sessions. I
trust the universe to guide me to the right people and places that are in allignment with my my growth
and wellbeing and you are one of them. Loved the little synchronicity of meeting you and Lana on the
trail today.

Angela Camelia Catuna