Enlightenment is right NOW


Is there any shortcut to enlightenment?

Yes there is. This is the simple formula to get enlightened instantly, right now. Are you ready?

I don’t know who I am, but I know that I am. I don’t know how I know, but I know that I know. In this process of knowing, ‘I’ am not, so there is nothing to know, only knowingness that I don’t know.

I see. You are looking at me and thinking ‘What the fuck is he talking about?’ (People are laughing)

To help you understand, meditate on ‘I am’. ‘I’ is the mind in front of ‘am’ – the consciousness. Eliminate ‘I’, so what is left? The Consciousness! AM is presence as your true Self. Consciousness is always conscious of some-thing, right? Eliminate everything you are conscious of, so what is left then? The consciousness itself again! Now, consciousness has to look at itself. When consciousness becomes conscious of ‘am’, of it-self, it eliminates self. Understand? Now, what is left after that final elimination? Nothing! Are you aware of IT? That awareness is who you are! If you are aware of nothing, enlightenment is inevitable.

Do you understand? It seems that you are confused? Ok, I will give you another shortcut. Are you ready?

Enlightenment is to live blissfully moment-to-moment, and sharing that bliss with the whole existence right now.

(After long pause) You are not getting it? So, you want me to give you a really fast and easy short shortcut to enlightenment. This the last one.

Enlightenment is right NOW.

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