The mind is only the surface of existence; it is not your centre and not your being. The mind is a tool to create, designate, and communicate when needed by the consciousness. And when not needed, it simply doesn’t exist. The whole problem is that the tool, at the circumference of your being, becomes the truth. It becomes who you are at the moment. The mind has to think twenty-four hours a day; it has to suppress the consciousness to project its own ego’s existence. That tool, that machine on the circumference of your being, has become too strong and persuasive, like a hard crust—it has become your attachment, your identification, your prison.

Real understanding is needed. When you are self- conscious, you are in real trouble.

Last year I was doing a discourse on meditation here, at this same place, when one person said to me, ‘You are enlightened!’

I said, ‘Yes, you are right!’

Another person who joined the discourse five minutes earlier said, ‘No, you are not enlightened.’

I said, ‘Yes, you are right!’

They looked at each other very confused, and the first man said, ‘I don’t understand.’

The other person said, ‘I was right, you are not enlightened!’

The first man said, ‘Who are you?’

I said, ‘I don’t know? I have no interpretation of myself. I am who I am, and I am all right with who I am. Whatsoever you say about me, I am all right with it. I am only a mirror of you. Whatsoever you project in that mirror, the mirror can only confirm the projection. Whatever you say about me, it’s your own projection of yourself. I am simply here enjoying myself in now, without projecting myself into you.’

The interesting part of this story is that the first person walked out of the discourse, never returning, while the second one stayed. He said at the end of the discourse, ‘I have to apologize for doubting your enlightenment. You are really an enlightened person.’

Do you know what I said to him? I said, ‘You are right!’

You see, whenever you are self-conscious, you are simply showing that you are not conscious; the mind becomes conscious for you. Then the mind will have thoughts that are projected at the circumstances of your existence. You don’t know who you are, and if you had known that you don’t know and could never know, then there would have been no problem—then you would not be able to project and judge.

Nobody can say anything about your One-Self. People are saying and judging themselves through saying and judging you. If you get identified within what others are saying, you are still clinging to a fallacious, flawed, fraudulent centre—your ego. That incorrect centre depends on others to accept you, to acknowledge you, to appreciate you, and to love you. And if the others don’t say anything about you, it doesn’t matter what they say, positive or negative, you don’t see yourself as valuable, real, and loved at all. By being self-conscious, you are always following other people, following their ego-self and trying to satisfy them. Actually, you are trying to satisfy your own wounded ego-self, who is trying to be acknowledged and respected. Self-consciousness is the Christmas decoration of your own ego-self. Rather than trying to find love in others, you should start looking inside for love.

People share a belief that loving One-Self is either absurd nonsense or selfish and vain. They believe that, in order to love, one needs to find another person. Do not confuse falling in love with loving One-Self. When you fall in love, you are creating an illusion. It is nothing more than an outward projection. Look for love on the inside, not on the outside. Start loving One-Self fully and unconditionally. Accept who you are. Accept all those parts which you have disowned over time. Accept everything you like and dislike, everything negative and positive about yourself. Accept your past and your future. Accept everything and nothing. Accept this moment now and here. In the totality of acceptance, you will accept One-Self. You are not like anyone else; you are unique and whole at the same time. You are right Now and right Here. Celebrate. Be grateful. Be compassionate and love your divine you right where you are, now and here. Totally accept One- Self. By accepting One-Self you will accept every-one in every-self. The One is in infinite selves. Loving One-Self, you will allow growth and change, freedom and health, in every One-Self.

Love is not a state but a continual flowing process of being right where you are—Now. Become that river of love that is always moving. Once you can love One-Self, then you can truly love everything else in existence. Love is a process of your consciousness, experiencing its own existence as beingness.

Ivan Rados – Non-Duality

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