Give me your mind

Try this approach. Shift your attention from the mind to your heart. Feel more, think less. Your being should become your focus, not your mind, not my mind, nor any other minds out there.

I might invite you not to do the meditation, but to be the meditation, do not get stuck to your doing. ’Doing Meditation’ should be left to itself. When being is in awareness, ‘Doing Meditation’ follows on its own.

Now, what is Awareness? Your natural state of being. Where is that being? Right Now! How can I practice it?  You cannot practice awareness– you can only be conscious, and only through your consciousness, you come to your awareness.

(A student interrupted Ivan with a question.) If I cannot practice awareness, what about practicing consciousness to keep my mind quiet?

Give me your mind. (Ivan asked student.)

“I don’t understand.”

“Give me your mind.” (Ivan insisted by putting his hand towards the student.)

(The student was quiet and expressionless.) Are you thinking? You have to know that if you want your mind quiet, give it to me right now. I promise to be gentle with it. I will make it quiet by killing it with compassion. Give it to me.”

(The student was staring at the floor. After a long period of silence, Ivan asked a student,) “Where is your mind?”

(The student closed his eyes.) If you don’t have your mind, there is no practice, but if there is a practice there is no meditation in the real sense– it is only a mind concept. If you can practice a good quality of your being, it is no longer a quality, but quantity. If you practice love, it is no longer love. If you practice consciousness, you are lost in your mind.

(After a long period of silence, Ivan said) “Good! That is the practice.”

(The student opened his eyes, bowed down and said) “Thank you.”

Ordinary mind doesn’t exist. Can you see your mind? If you can see it, can you hold it? Can you contain and control the mind? In the dream, your consciousness is sleeping, while the thoughts are very much alive and active. You are not conscious in your dream. In a dream, if you think that the dream is real, it will tremendously affect you and the entire existence. That is why there is no ego present in the dreams. When you wake up, you start thinking that the dream is not real. Your ‘I’– your ego is alive again, and your consciousness got attached to the thinking again.

What is preventing you to wake up in your sleep? The mind is your sleep, and thinking is your dream. The danger is not the mind, but in your thinking that you are awake. Are you a victim of your thinking mind?

The dream is the dream, regardless whether you are sleeping or being awake, because the mind is thinking day and night. The mind has to think; it cannot afford any brake, otherwise, the consciousness will be detached and the mind will die. The mind cannot afford that gamble game.


Who am I?

Don’t know!

Where did I come from? Don’t know!

Where I am going? Don’t know!

Where is my mind? Don’t know!

When I die, where do I go? Don’t know!

Actually, I really don’t know in the most fundamental sense.

What do I know? I know nothing!

Now, keep that understanding in your consciousness, I know nothing!

Keep you mind in ‘don’t know’ state by being conscious of its illusionary nature. Do not concede anything; do not judge the appearances; do not move your mind, do not try to control it in any possible way- just be neutral to the mind. Be conscious, not of the mind, but of the one who is conscious. Who am I? I don’t know! Don’t know is cutting all your thinking. If there is no thinking, where is the mind? No thinking– just consciousness being conscious of itself means no mind. No-mind means your nature before thinking arises.

(Looking at the student Ivan said) “Where is your mind?” (The student smiled)

“Correct!” (Said Ivan )


Ivan Rados – The Art Of Meditation


The Art Of Meditation
The Art Of Meditation
    • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
    • ISBN 978-0-9780803-9-6
    • Format: Softcover 214 pages
    • Publication date: January 2018
    • Price: @ $19.95 (CND) each
The Art Of Meditation is the essential meditation book; it is not a book of a spiritual discipline separated from everyday life; it is simply the art of witnessing, the art of being aware of subjective and objective world that we created and believe to be real. The Art Of Meditation is not a book about methods, but about method-less approach towards the wholeness.
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