Can you control the mind? Can you stop the mind? No! The mind is faster than the speed of light. Do not fight the mind. The mind lives in conflict. Let it go as far and as fast as it wants to, whenever and wherever it wants to go.

Watch the mind! Do nothing to it! Befriend it! Enjoy it! But, be very alert! Do not go with the mind! Do not be the mind; otherwise it will ditch you somewhere. It is always in a hurry to take your consciousness in far, faraway fantasy places.

The mind exists only if you continuously search for something: for love, happiness, appreciation, respect, desires, etc. For in searching, you are moving into the future. Searching creates dreams. The mind is rushing towards the stars and coming back. It moves from here to there; jumping all over the place, but not being present in the now. It is afraid of the moment right now.



The reality of the duality is a separation between the experiencing of a thing that happens and the actual incident of it. This is why the witness who stops at the level of being a witness remains connected to the duality.

Witnessing is the starting point of meditation, and if you stick to it, you will attain unity with the non-duality, where the infinite intelligence becomes your being. So, witnessing is a means to that ultimate unity, but one has to go beyond witnessing, otherwise duality will remain. As long as someone is a witness and there is something to be witnessed, you are in separation and duality will remain. Meditation happens only when there is nothing to witness anymore, when both the watcher and the watched cease to exist, where the knower and the known dissolve into each other. When the flower is not being witnessed and when the witness is not witnessing, the merger happens, only witnessing remains, and there is nothing to witness. That is the attainment—the attainment of nothing. We can say that the essence, the heart of witnessing is nothingness.



Depression is a total breakdown of the mind. When the person falls below the mind, his mind is divided, fragmented. He is continuously against who he was originally and existentially. Depression means 'I am totally alone here. I am doing this all by myself. Everybody is against me. I have to carry everything on my own shoulders, and there is nobody to look after me. The whole existence is hostile and unfriendly towards me.’ Actually, the existence is not against you—you are against your own consciousness. When you are against oneself, when you are fighting with who you are, you are in anxiety and then depression follows. You are stuck with your past and afraid about the future.

Anxiety enters either with the past or with the future. To live in the past and to be afraid of the future is a lower state of mind. You are trembling. What if something goes wrong? What if I do something wrong? What if the future is a continuation of my unfortunate past? What if I missed the whole point? ‘What if’ is the whole point of anxiety.... READ MORE

You Are Not It.

Whatever you come across in your life, you are not it. There are thousands of things that can come your way. There are thousands of things that you claim as yours. You go and declare your beliefs, your definitions, your ideas, and your thoughts to others, God, and yourself, and through that declaration you are sustaining the preferable life. There are thousands of declarations. What are you declaring? Meditate. In declaring that there is no God, you are declaring your own ego. In declaring that you don't have health, you are declaring your disease. In declaring the absence and need for love, you are declaring your misery. When you declare something negative, in that very declaration, you are complaining but still keeping the negativity. But in declaring your health, love, and truth, you are declaring your detachment because you are conscious of it. Do you get it?... READ MORE


Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep with the following symptoms: extreme tiredness, low energy, difficulty focusing, irritability, mood swings, decreased functionality, daytime sleepiness, lethargy...

The medical establishment sees insomnia as sleep disorder that can lead to chronic diseases. The causes of insomnia for them include psychological factors, medications, and hormone levels, and the treatment  for this ‘illness’ can be medical or behavioural or both.

The people who are suffering from insomnia should not think of it as a disease. Insomnia is not an illness. Do not categorize it. Visiting a doctor is meaningless. Insomnia is not your problem; the uncontrollable, anxious mind is your problem. What is the cure for the anxious mind? Meditation... READ MORE