Seven Dream Bodies

Seven Dream Bodies

Let me remind you again. Maya means everything is dream. It is there because you wanted it to be there. The mind is a dream. All that belongs to the mind is a dream. All that the mind is doing is a dream. Positive or negative, good or bad, whatsoever—the mind is a dream. The mind is impressively creative and persuasive. The mind is the real creator, creating anything that you want to create. All you have to do is just dream, and reality responds by manifesting your dream. Everything is a dream. Life, death, God . . . all is a dream. Only one thing is not a dream—awareness.

To awaken from your dream, to go beyond your dream, all that is needed is already in you; it is the original you. It is awareness. If you can enjoy your dream and be conscious while in the joy of a dream, there is nothing to be worried about. Whatsoever comes in awareness is always good.

The first dream body is physical, either male or female.

The physical body creates its own thoughts, images, dreams, and sensations. Those dreams, cherished aspirations, ambitions, and fantasies are occurring in a mind. We already know that the mind and body are linked. Any physical discomfort in the body, any physical disease or any body incarceration, will cause the mind to create its own kind of visions, dreams, or fantasies. It doesn’t matter whether your body is sleeping or awake. Visions and dreams can even be stimulated from the outside. If someone touches your body, or your body is stimulated by external forces, your mind will begin to fantasise. All fantasies, all dreams that come through the physical body, are controlled by the mind, are caused by suppressed desires, like hunger, thirst, sleep, sex . . . and are unrealistic and self-deluding.

Your physical body can have psychological visions in a particular time and space, but not beyond it. Psychology divides dreams and fantasies into conscious and unconscious. Body dreams are called conscious and etheric dreams are called unconscious. You see, etheric dreams are not unconscious, but consciousness on another level of being.

Borrowed visions and thoughts cannot make you the enlightened one.

Energy exists in two opposite poles. Incoming and outgoing tension and harmony create the movement, just like magnetic poles or like breathing. The incoming energy is just like birth, and the outgoing energy is just like death. When you breathe in, you are born, and when you breathe out, you die. This polarity in the physical body’s life energy creates this manifestation. Life energy is born, and after a certain number of years the body dies. The same kind of phenomenon is happening in the mind. Thought itself is energy. The thought comes in and the thought goes out; thoughts are born and thoughts die. Thoughts and breathing are linked. Stop your breathing, and your mind will stop thinking. Stop your thinking, and your breath will not stop but will change its rhythm. So you can change your thinking with breathing. Your breathing can become my breathing, and the same with thoughts—your thought can become my thought. When you breathe out you are throwing your thoughts out. The breath and thoughts can be pure or contaminated. The same thing exists in all other layers of our multidimensional body.

The second dream body is of the etheric.

The etheric body is all around and inside your physical body. Life on this plane of existence comes to your body because of this electric body, something known as prana. The etheric body travels in fantasies and dreams, leaving your physical body. It doesn’t matter whether you are conscious or unconscious. The etheric body leaves the physical body, taking its fantasies, dreams, and visions and manifesting them in sleep. When you wake up from sleep you call those manifestations a dream, but they are not dreams in the same sense as the dreams of the physical body. They are not unrealistic and self-deluding from the point of the etheric body because the etheric body travels in space but not in time. There are no limits to space, because there is no question of time and distance.

Etheric visions can be stimulated and created from the outside as well. A sound, a mantra, colour, or incense can create etheric visions. So-called spiritual visions belong to the etheric body. Nothing is unconscious. Everything that is conscious on one level is unconscious on the previous level.

Remember. Conscious means that which is known, that which is not knowledge but knowingness. Unconscious means that which is not known. Unconscious is unknown.

When you are in deep meditation or in deep love, you wake up that body. Remember this: Love and meditation are not your doing. It is a divine happening, and because of this happening, the whole energy goes to the etheric; it becomes an electric reservoir opening the third body, the astral. The more you become meditative in love, the more it grows, and the more that electricity grows, the more you become meditative in love, and that opens the third body.

Another thing to remember is that the astral body for male is male again, and for female is female again.

In the etheric plane there are no thoughts, but influences are coming in and going out—like attraction and repulsion, love and hate, liking or disliking, wanting or not wanting, and on and on. This process never stops. Love and hate are the basic polarities, and this process is manifested in so many ways. The etheric plane is the subtle energy’s breathing process. You have either taken something in or thrown something out. The energy doesn’t exist at one pole, it exists in polarities, so you cannot love someone or something without hating him or it at some time. This process is natural, with no moral connotations. No body can exist without this process, and it is happening up to the seventh body. If the choice comes in this body, it creates disturbance. What do you choose? If you choose love, hatred will follow, or if you chose hate, love will follow. The etheric body is always in conflict with the choice. If you know how the polarities work, you are not going to choose. You will just be a witness. Witnessing is always beyond duality. Remember that.

The third dream body is astral.

Astral means the star body made of the light. The astral vision is the third dimension beyond physical and etheric vision. Physical can penetrate etheric and etheric can penetrate physical. Why? Because the mind is duality.

Now, the astral body or astral mind can travel in space and in time, but only toward the past, not towards the future. In the astral mind you can have a vision of the entire beginning up to now. Psychology calls the astral mind ‘the collective unconscious’. Sometimes the visions from the astral plane can’t penetrate ordinary visions and confuse the person. This is your individual history since the beginning. You can access the Akashic record by the astral body or the astral mind and its visions.

The breathing process for the astral body is ‘magnetic forces’. One moment you are at the top of the mountain and another moment you are at the bottom of the mountain. One moment you are excited, enthusiastic, and another moment you are crushed and defeated. One moment you are in trust and another moment you are in doubt. And this is changing, just like day and night; the circle orbits around. This coming in and going out of the magnetic force is correlated with your breathing.

That is why when you have to do something difficult, you will hold your breath in. For example, if you are to lift a heavy stone, you cannot pick it up when the breath is going out. You cannot do it! But when the breath is coming in, or when the breath is held in, you can do it. Your breath corresponds to what is happening in the astral body. So when the breath is coming in, you have all power available to you, and when your breath is going out, that is the moment when the magnetic force is going out, and you are powerless.

By becoming aware of this magnetic force through witnessing, then you are neither powerful nor powerless. You are beyond. You transcend both. Then you have the power over your mind. Your power is in doing nothing to the mind, because whatsoever you do creates future according to your past.

The fourth dream body is the mental body.

The dream body is the original source of the mind. The mental body can have a vision from the past and from the future, and the message may be delivered to you through psychological or etheric visions. You have to understand that each body has its own mythology, its own symbology, so when a vision moves from one body to another it is translated into the symbology of that body. Can you see how things can be very confusing to understand?

For the mental body, the past and the future is the present moment, they are one, but there is still time. You have to focus your mind into one direction because the mind is one dimensional. Let’s say you are focusing into the past, so the future and the present time will be delayed. The mind will be able to see past, present, and future separately, not as one, only as your own individual visions.

In the mental body, consciousness and the witnessing mind, no-mind, or empty mind, are the way toward the real. You must constantly be a witness to your mind. In awareness there are no visions, imaginations, dreams, and fantasies, and if you are not aware, the mind will create a dream for you. The moment you lose your consciousness, the image appears in your mind, leading to another image and another, and a dream is born. In dreaming you are identified with the mind.

In the mental body, when a thought comes to you while you breathe in with awareness, only then is original thinking born. You can see the thought. You know the origin of that thought. When you breathe out, no original thought can be born in those moments. Sometimes the breathing will stop if the original thought is born. By consciously breathing, by being aware of the thoughts coming in and thoughts going out, only then can you know your mental body.

The fifth body is the non-dualistic body.

This is the soul body beyond the sphere of time, space, and the individual. In the mental body, you are transfigured, and your vision now has a new quality in it. This body is conscious eternity, where the vision and the real become one. The vision from the non-dualistic body is about the consciousness of the whole. It contains all visions from the past and the future together in the present moment of Now. The more you meditate, the more visions come to reality. Those visions have their own objectivity, coming from an individual subjective experience. My non-dualistic visions and your non-dualistic visions are objectively real, but the individual experience of the vision is different.

A psychological dream is not existence as such, but something that you have come to know. In the fifth body, dreaming becomes less imaginary but more authentic and real. All religions have different language, different symbology, different mythology, different terminology and theology, but they are basically the visions from a non-dualistic body. You can call this non-dualistic body the spiritual body or soul body if you like, and from hereon, there is only one present—just you. No one can guide you, no one can look after you, no one can save you or curse you; you are totally alone with your consciousness. There is no reflection in the mirror. This is the criteria: if the vision comes from the mirror, from other people, scriptures, or thoughts, then it’s not real, and if it comes directly from you, from your own experience being you, from your own consciousness, then it is real.

In this body, life comes in and goes out of you. The coming in is a point of life, and the going out is a point of death. You are aware that life is not in you; it is a procession through you. You are just a part of this non-dualistic ceremony. In this body there is no conflict, no confusions, you are not fighting against yourself and others, you are relax, you are at home.

In the non-dualistic body, breath and prana are the same. If you are not aware of this rhythmic dance, the feeling of death and insecurity will follow you unconsciously. In awareness you know that life and death are just breath to this body, life and death are an outward phenomenon happening to you, not out of you. You know that you are beyond life and death. You are not attached to life nor death, but you are aware of both.

The sixth dream body is the cosmic body.

The vision is the cosmos itself, where consciousness becomes consciousness. Everything in the cosmos is transcended consciousness, beyond the individual, beyond time and space. The visions of wholeness, oneness, truth, and love come from this cosmic mind. Through this cosmic type of mind, all visions are in terms of being, in terms of existence and truth. There are no reflections because there is no you who is reflecting, no one who is visualising, who is dreaming—only the cosmos visualising you, seeing you. You are not, only the cosmos is. The mind is no-mind, so there is no one to think, no one to judge, and no one to visualise and dream. An individual mind becomes the cosmic mind. The dream becomes real, not your dream of you, but the dream of the whole in you.

‘I’ is gone, the ego is dissolved, and you are one with the All. The polarity takes the form of creation and dissolution, and everything goes back to its original source. Every moment the creation comes to you, and every moment it goes into dissolution. Everything that’s born is your own birth; everything that dies is your own death. If you become aware of those two, then you know the third, the middle part—awareness that maintains the equilibrium of the cosmos.

The seventh dream body is the wholeness.

The seventh dream body is nothingness with its own visions of the void, emptiness, visions of nothingness. Nothing is positive, nothing is negative, nothing is nothing, but it is not nothing at all; it is All-That-Is. There is no symbology, language, mythology, or thoughts, just the silent nothing of All.

Nothing exists but existence existing as the real you. You are the wholeness. Everything dies and everything is being born as the whole. There is no difference between vision and reality, because all is real. Real is nothingness. Nothingness remains the same.

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