Suffering Souls

Let’s talk about your submission to the mind from a different angle. You have probably heard of the concept, an ideology called the New World Order. The New World Order states that its mission is to take over the world, destroying over ninety percent of its population and converting those who remain alive into their obedient subjects, into their slaves.

Look around yourself. You will find the most psychopathic, totally mad people in the most powerful places. The competition to control the world is so tough that only the one who is totally greedy and absolutely ruthless, with no empathy or compassion, can succeed.

People don’t want to be unconscious but are still holding onto their unconsciousness. Why is that? The way this world is created and controlled is so ugly that people don’t want any responsibility, they don’t want to be conscious, they want to forget all about it. People are punishing themselves for being unconscious and punishing themselves further for not being conscious. This is a double-sword punishment. People are voluntarily ready to take punishment. And unless we change the situation to one where people start wanting to be conscious, regaining the power within, nothing will actually change. The whole history of man is a history of madness, making consciousness more and more unconscious. The ultimate goal of the power elites, the oligarchy, the mad philosopher kings and queens, the Anunnaki bloodline, is to destroy our knowing of who we are, to suppress the consciousness and change the inherent nature of the goodness of all humanity. The whole idea is to change consciousness to Al, the artificial intelligence, and make unconsciousness a hundred percent. Those who hold power over our individual divine natures want to make us just like they are: psychopathic, soulless creatures fighting each other, living a life of torture and obedience to lies and illusions. They want people to be either a masochist or a sadist, and marry each other. Politicians, humanity leaders, oligarchs, kings and queens of this reality are nothing else than a bloodline family of organized psychopaths, struggling with their own consciousness and the consciousness of others.

The term ‘psychopath’ literally translates to ‘suffering souls’. They are generally the ones who are thriving from the suffering, and unlike most neurological diseases, we cannot say that they are really suffering from psychopathy, rather they make others suffer for their fear, guilt, shame . . . and they feed on it. They are like energy vampires.
They can only rule when their unconsciousness is totally unopposed. Their ultimate price is not power but the elimination of their own fear—the fear of wholeness. Because of that fear, they are constantly in war with the consciousness, with you—fragmenting, dividing, creating wars, destructions, deprivations, and paralyzing their own feelings, and feeding from the feelings of others, trying to make the whole of humanity their slaves. They have been trying everything in their power to succeed for centuries, and they are failing so far. How do I know they are failing in their grand plan to create a new world order? Because I am talking about it, and you are listening to it. You need to have consciousness to be open to receive what is beyond logical and rational, what is usually considered crazy or conspiratorial.

Psychopaths are in fear all of the time, incapable of empathy, incapable of love and compassion. Psychopaths are teaching us that life is very dangerous, insecure, and against you; so protect yourself against this danger and be ambiguous. Seek goals somewhere outside yourselves; control and conquer the nature. They impose themselves as saviours of human kind, saviours of the planet and the entire universe.

All goals are outside of you. The goal may be money, power, or respect, or the goal may be God, nirvana, truth, or love. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, it is all about ego, about the mind thinking that it owns almighty power and your consciousness being submitted to it.

Fear and guilt are the main reasons for the whole pathology of this world, for the existence of all psychopaths. If you give the psychopath a good fight, you become a psychopath yourself. If you fight a politician, another politician comes into power—you. And, naturally, power moves into more dangerous hands. Whoever comes into power is more powerful than the one who has been beaten.

Witnessing is the key. Witnessing consciousness is the ultimate approach to existence. It is through emptiness, doing nothing, just being conscious of your consciousness. Witnessing is the way to drop the mind and move inwards, gaining the ultimate power. The ultimate power is not in a utopian new world order, in the hands of psychopaths, or in your psychopathic mind, but in your awareness, beyond your thinking, beyond your social, conditioned mind.

To be meditative is to allow life to simply be. In the simplicity of being, there is no thinking. No-mind is the ultimate power. No- mind is awareness. You are life, so that implies that your being in awareness is the ultimate power. You see, life doesn’t worry about the power and doesn’t want to create any power. It is simply powerfully contented in a flow of ultimate power within Now. Live Now and you become that ultimate power. Awareness is the only way we can dismantle this utopian idea of a new world order and remove psychopathic politicians from power.

Ivan Rados – Non-Duality, the Art of Meditation

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