Each moment of now, one has to be at ease with oneself. You cannot learn to be at ease; you can only be at ease. Do not try to improve; do not cultivate anything. Do whatsoever you are doing, but be at ease, be meditative, calm, and centred. Include yourself in everything you do. Include every experience in your consciousness. Include everything in your being. That is the meditation. That is the compassion. In compassionate state of being you have a feeling that there is no centre of you. And if there is no centre, there is no self, no ego, no mind, only consciousness conscious of itself.

Do not leave anything behind. Look through perspective of musical harmony. All notes have to be in tune, have to be in melody for the musical harmony to happen. When everything is completed, included in absolute, then the whole is. The whole is more than absolute, because absolute is the way towards the whole. When you put all the parts together, when they are total, in one absolute inclusiveness, there is a symphony- then there is the whole.

Include and grow in consciousness.

The mind works through the attention. You are paying attention to the flower and through that attention you are excluding the flower from your consciousness. Attention is exclusive. Consciousness is attentive, it is inclusive. Place your attention to the flower and include consciousness in it, and you will be in attentiveness. That is the way. Look at the flower, close your eyes and feel the flower inside of you. Feeling is one, feeling of being, feeling of life, feeling of real. Look at the mountain, close your eyes and feel the mountain is within you. Look at the sun, close your eyes and feel that the Sun is within you. Look at the person you are angry with, close your eyes and feel that you are that person… This is not the way of imagination, but the way of the feeling taking you directly to your inclusive consciousness. When you feel the flower being within you, the flower will be in your heart, not in your mind.

Can you love the person you hate the most as yourself? The mind will say, ‘ I hate him. Why should I love hateful person as myself? It is ridiculous.’ You can hate; it is your choice, but you can chose to include that person within you that can give you an expanded feeling of being and consciousness. You see, whatever you include in yourself cannot do any damage to real you. The very moment you exclude something, it becomes your ego, disconnected from the existence, damaging real you.

Inclusion should be your way of your life, a way of your living. The more you include the more you grow in consciousness, and one day when you include the whole existence, the existence will include you. This is the ultimate meditation experience, if we can call it ‘experience’. It is just being, nothing to experience, just continuity of experiencing.

In awareness, ultimately the wholeness becomes inclusive to you. Then you can be in the mind and you will not be the mind; then you can be in the world, and the world will not be in you. Then you can be anywhere intact, undisturbed, and present in now, being at ease, doing nothing, relaxed and aware.

Book Excerpts - The Art Of Meditation - Ivan Rados



The Middle Point
    • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
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    • Publication date: December 2012
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This is a book that reads more like a meditation than a self-help book. Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, it’s a shocker you’ll need to sit with and slowly absorb. Rarely have I seen what it really takes to begin loving who you are—and loving your life—spelled out like this.