The Middle Point Discourse Series

Suffering Is Not

I was having a conversation with some Buddhist monk who got offended by the title of one of my Sacred Geometry Yantras called ‘Suffering is NOT.’ He said, “How can you mislead people stating that there is no suffering in life? Buddha said, ‘Life is suffering’, that is his first noble truth.” “How do you […]

Finger Pointing to the Moon

Question What does the “Finger Pointing to the Moon” Zen analogy mean? Zen doesn’t say things in syllogisms, but in poetry. Zen is not what it says. Zen is what it shows. Listen and look. Don’t say anything. What do you see? Nothing! That is Zen. Buddha said, ‘Be a light unto yourself’. Buddha’s message […]

Enlightenment is right NOW

Question Is there any shortcut to enlightenment? Yes there is. This is the simple formula to get enlightened instantly, right now. Are you ready? I don’t know who I am, but I know that I am. I don’t know how I know, but I know that I know. In this process of knowing, ‘I’ am […]


Self-remembering is a methodless method that leads toward unity with the whole. When all your unconscious activities become the conscious act of now, and all your doing has been replaced with non-doing, you remember One-Self and have attained awareness. In awareness, you aren’t aware of your awareness. To be aware of your awareness, distance is […]


Life is a gift, but we forget this and end up not being grateful. Observing life via the ego, we feel unhappy, hurt, and confused because we aren’t getting what we want. However, when we drop the ego, we are no longer in conflict with life, which allows the infinite whole to flow through us […]

Health Is About Being

Everyone wants to be healthy, yet so many of us are repeatedly sick and some of us seemingly cannot get well. We experience illness as something extremely personal––in some ways, one of the most deeply felt personal experiences we ever have. Similarly we tend to think of our health as highly personal, perhaps one of […]

Dr. Kurt Johnson on The Middle Point

Worldwide today, there is a broad eruption of deeper consciousness emerging across our entire species. It is trying to meet a global challenge facing humanity. Will we be able to achieve a healthy global civilization, transcending all the cultural “boxes” of the past, or will we not meet this “anthropological threshold” and, like all the […]

The Authority of Consciousness

The English word, anxiety, a state of uneasiness, apprehension and uncertainty, comes from a Latin word meaning narrowing down. When you narrow down your consciousness you get the mind. When you narrow down the infinite you get the body. You are infinite becoming finite with your birth in this reality. Narrowing down your infiniteness you […]

The Art Of Inclusion

Each moment of now, one has to be at ease with oneself. You cannot learn to be at ease; you can only be at ease. Do not try to improve; do not cultivate anything. Do whatsoever you are doing, but be at ease, be meditative, calm, and centred. Include yourself in everything you do. Include every experience in your consciousness. Include everything in your being. That is the meditation. That is the compassion. In compassionate state of being you have a feeling that there is no centre of you. And if there is no centre, there is no self, no ego, no mind, only consciousness conscious of itself.