The Truth - the search of 'what'
  • Publisher: Middle Point Publishing
  • ISBN 978-0-9780803-7-2
  • Format: Softcover 209 pages
  • Publication date: June 2013
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A New Phase of Evolution

“Many years ago, I remember literally, losing my mind. Not knowing the reason behind this experience, I wondered frantically, ‘Where did it go? Was this insanity?’ In this transparency, who was I? I was no one. I was in-sane.”
- Angela J. Naccarato

Ivan Rados is a keen observer of the personality, a facilitator who encourages people to heal themselves through awareness. In his latest book The Truth—the search of ‘what’? he describes the function of mind and its ability to cause misery while at the same time acknowledges it for its capacity to create.

Ivan describes consciousness as being conscious of and impartial to the activity of the mind. He states that such consciousness leads to heightened awareness, beyond what one might perceive as common, everyday thinking. The mind’s tendency is to justify the personality either through its focus on the past or the future, and staying in the middle is a term Ivan refers to as the middle point. From this point, one learns to trust intuition and its potential to reveal the true self and ultimately, to love and live with compassion.

Courageously aware of a precarious Earth during this time of transition and transcendence, Ivan is a bold writer and a healer. The Truth is a timely resource, a guide, and support for the evolution of a threatened species. This book comes at a time when people are desperately searching for answers. And where will they come from? In a simple yet provocative manner, The Truth points its finger at you, as the author challenges his reader to trust in one’s ability to live with awareness. Using straightforward language, Ivan offers practical advice on how to surrender to the complexities created by the personality in order to live an authentic, joyful, and creative life.

The Truth—the search of ‘what’? describes a new beginning, a stage of development for the ego into something greater than the self. The Truth encourages the self to watch and to listen, to be conscious, and through awareness, to be hopeful for a time of enlightenment and peace. It implies that the potential is for the personality to dissolve into emptiness. Through “this attainment,” the self becomes increasingly receptive, intuitive, open to love and compassion, and to a crystallization and reunion with nature where everything is perfect just as it is.

The Truth offers its readers a way to surrender to the tension created by the unapparent and contradictory nature of the mind. When I was 33 years old, I had an experience referred to as a psychosis. Years later, a prominent psychiatrist asked me what I thought a psychosis was, and I said, “It is the peak of madness.” When I think back, I realize now that inside that moment, I had never been closer to the truth. On a beautiful February morning, I remember having a heightened sense of what was real. I wandered outside. For what seemed like the first time, I heard the distinct voice of a songbird. In the backyard there was a yellow butterfly fluttering near the junipers. This memorable day, unusually warm, came with an opportunity to experience a blissful state-of-oneness, but a disordered mind raced back and forth struggling for recognition, and a flood of emotion made living in the natural world impossible. What I needed in that moment was to breathe, and as suggested in The Truth, to be a witness. But unaware of my inherent abilities, I had never learned the basic skills required for peace.

Night after night went by, and I couldn’t sleep. This intensified my awareness, but a lack of understanding caused me to misinterpret the intuition, and my overactive mind contributed to overwhelming emotions. I was convinced the devil was on my doorstep. Yet, for some reason, I had moments of euphoria when my heart was full and overflowing with love. It was the confusion and chaos of the mind that got the best of me, and eventually, I was hospitalized, medicated, and placed in solitary confinement. Imprisoned behind a metal door, I awoke in the morning on a black and white striped mattress. Later, two attendants put me in a wheelchair and rolled me past the morgue, upstairs, into a room with a narrow window. The tension created by my mind and the pressure of this experience forced me to surrender, to be a witness to my thoughts. I had extended periods of emptiness, as this space became a place to access my truth. This was the beginning of a new life, one that would take courage to face, one with significance, and one filled with authenticity. It was and is a time of observation and discovery, a time when The Truth is a meaningful source of inspiration.

The Truth is a meditative guide to wholeness for people striving for authenticity. It defines the truth as the middle point, and articulates a way to surrender, to live in awareness, and to be a witness to your thoughts. The Truth is the author’s eighth book, and in this book, Ivan Rados makes an extraordinary contribution to a subject that is central to philosophy—and one that man has struggled with for what seems like forever.

Anhela J. Naccarato - Intuitive
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Middle Point – The Act of Emptiness

Through emptiness we are born, we live in emptiness, and into emptiness we return. For you cannot debate about emptiness, you can only be empty.

A dialogue with the truth is not possible through debate. Everything else can become a religious lecture, or an educational talk, but not emptiness. Emptiness is always now. That is the truth.

Can you see the truth? With the very effort to see it, it’s no longer now. With the very effort to say anything about it, it’s no longer here. Even a single thought is enough and the emptiness disappears, and the truth is no more.

I cannot talk about emptiness because its nature is thoughtlessness. So ‘What’ are we searching then for? The search of ‘What’ is not the search for emptiness, but the truth of it. I cannot talk about emptiness, but I can talk about the truth of it. I will sit on the mind and ride the thoughts of the truth to help you be aware of your own thoughts, and emptiness might give you the truth beyond your mind. But there is no guarantee. There is no guarantee that I will succeed in helping you to remove your thoughts. Deep down in your mind you might not want it, you might be scared of the disconnection from it, or you might be indifferent to my attempts to help you remove your thoughts. You choose. I am indifferent to your choice. But I am not in-different to your truth because your truth is my truth as well. Actually, there is no my truth and your truth, only the truth right now, in the act of emptiness.

Book Endorsements

This book leads you in a straightforward and clear way towards your own answers to some of the most difficult questions through the history of humanity, such as Who am I, What is the meaning of life and What is God.

Becky Walsh Author of ‘You Do Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’

The Truth is a timely resource, a guide, and support for the evolution of a threatened species. Using straightforward language, Ivan offers practical advice on how to surrender to the complexities created by the personality in order to live an authentic, joyful, and creative life. The Truth is a meditative guide to wholeness for people striving for authenticity.

Angela J. Naccarato Intuitive Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This wise book effectively guides you along an exciting, compassionate journey where you can accept yourself for who you are and the way existence is so you can finally feel harmony.

Zafirios Georgilas 2013