Witnessing Is The Starting Point Of Meditation

The reality of the duality is a separation between the experiencing of a thing that happens and the actual incident of it. This is why the witness who stops at the level of being a witness remains connected to the duality.

Witnessing is the starting point of meditation, and if you stick to it, you will attain unity with the non-duality, where the infinite intelligence becomes your being. So, witnessing is a means to that ultimate unity, but one has to go beyond witnessing, otherwise duality will remain. As long as someone is a witness and there is something to be witnessed, you are in separation and duality will remain. Meditation happens only when there is nothing to witness anymore, when both the watcher and the watched cease to exist, where the knower and the known dissolve into each other. When the flower is not being witnessed and when the witness is not witnessing, the merger happens, only witnessing remains, and there is nothing to witness. That is the attainment—the attainment of nothing. We can say that the essence, the heart of witnessing is nothingness.

When you eliminate everything in your perception of the things you are witnessing, when you witness everything that has to be witnessed and there is nothing else left to witness, you turn that witness into the one who is witnessing. When witness and witnessing come together in one, non-duality is; nothingness is. You are in eternal bliss. You recognize your nature. You are at home. Do you understand?

As long as there is distance between the witness and the witnessed, you are still in your mind, and duality remains.

Some people teach non-duality, but they don’t know that teaching is duality itself. How can duality teach non- duality? I am not teaching you anything here. I am only indicating. I am only pointing to the point, going through my own experiences of the entire process and saying to you, ‘Be aware of this. Don’t get into the trap of that. Be aware. Understand.’ If your consciousness clicks—good; if it doesn’t—good.

This is my basic approach: Good and bad, positive and negative, darkness and light have to dissolve into each other and become one. You have to transcend your mind to be whole again. Even transcendence is duality. You are transcending something, so there is distance. Two cannot exist without a space in between. Distance is needed for duality to exist. When distance disappears, the thing cannot exist; there is nothing, then there is non-dual. The moment you are aware of the duality of existence, the moment you can see that both are the same, that moment is the moment of your inner transcendence. You attain in that moment. You are beyond your mind. Nothingness is.

Therefore, duality will continue as long as there is a witness and witnessed and a space in between. Witnessing is the bridge between duality and non-duality, between mind and awareness. But always remember, you cannot attain the non-dual wholeness without being a witness. To attain non-duality, you will have to start from duality. There is no other way. You cannot transcend the mind without starting the process of transcendence from the mind. You see, if you are still dividing the existence into conscious and unconscious, the duality remains.

I am not a teacher. I am nobody, just talking about awakened consciousness to the conscious sleeping. ‘Awakened consciousness’ means the one who knows itself, the one who is awake, who is not lost in duality, and the ‘conscious sleeping’ means that which doesn’t know but would like to be known, or it is on its way to being known, or it has a potential to be known. It is all about the quality of consciousness in the experiences.

The distance is in between the knower and the known. As long as you remain trapped in two, you will still be in duality. If you are not bringing consciousness to the experience, you are in self-gratification; if you are conscious of the experience, it is experiencing—a process without any resentfulness—and it doesn’t accumulate past actions and reactions. Experiencing is the same as witnessing. Self-gratification is doing things without being conscious of the one who is doing. It may be walking, eating, making love . . . whatsoever it is. If you are not conscious of yourself, you are like a robot, a zombie. Then it is self- gratification.

There is no difference between Buddha and you as far as the objective is concerned. Buddha is sleeping; you are sleeping. Buddha is eating; you are eating. Buddha is talking; you are talking. The difference is not in the outside activities; it is in consciousness.

You are eating; Buddha is eating. What is the difference? Buddha is experiencing, and you are indulging. Buddha is experiencing, but you are being used by the mind. Buddha is ultimately present in the process of experiencing, and you are somewhere else in your past or in your projected future thinking, desiring, and dreaming. Do you see the difference? You are never now-here; you are always somewhere else.

Have you noticed that very often I use the ultimate in front of ‘truth’, of ‘love’, of ‘trust’? The ultimate means no duality, just a process of experiencing. There is neither a knower nor is there anything to be known. Actually, the knower is the known, the witness is witnessed, consciousness becomes conscious of itself, and in that union of two, the ultimate is. That is non-duality. That is experiencing without the experience and experiencer.

Now, everything is accepted: the witness of the flower, the witness of consciousness, the flower that has been witnessed, you that has been witnessed by the flower, the love to the flower and love from the flower, the remembering of the witness and the flower, the presence of the thorn in the finger, the experience of the flower in you, and the experience of you in the flower—the experience of everything. Everything is the same experiencing. That which is the same is the existence, or it is better to call it ‘The Ultimate Existence’ or ‘The Ultimate Experiencing’.

Therefore, in non-duality there is no me and there is no flower, just experiencing, the wholeness present in the now. I am everything that happened, everything that is happening, and everything that will ever happen. But ‘I am’ not. I am the very occurrence of happening right now, but ‘I am’ not; only now is. I am the causes and the consequences of all that, and ‘I am’ not; only beyond is. The beyond is the truth.

In non-duality, the wall of ’self’ standing in between the experiencer and the experienced totally disappears. That wall in between the witness and what is witnessed is a wall of thoughts, a wall of memories and beliefs that are nowhere to be found in non-duality. If you think that you are like this or like that, that you are this or that, the wall is there, ‘self’ is there, and self-gratification is there. When your ‘I’ and ‘you’ dies, the divine is born. Nothing is ever lost by losing your mind. I am aware that ‘I am’ without ‘I’ in a point of awareness. I am aware that ‘you are’ without ‘you’ in a point of awareness. I am now and you are here. With the very realization of now and here, my consciousness now and your consciousness here is the existence experiencing itself. The consciousness experiencing unconsciousness is the ultimate—the ultimate experiencing and remembering itself. That’s why there is no going beyond awareness. That is pure non- duality.

Non-duality is the ultimate state. You can call that state truth, love, enlightenment, God. It doesn’t matter what you call it because in that state, whatsoever is, simply is the way it is.


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