You Are Not It.

Whatever you come across in your life, you are not it. There are thousands of things that can come your way. There are thousands of things that you claim as yours. You go and declare your beliefs, your definitions, your ideas, and your thoughts to others, God, and yourself, and through that declaration you are sustaining the preferable life. There are thousands of declarations. What are you declaring? Meditate. In declaring that there is no God, you are declaring your own ego. In declaring that you don't have health, you are declaring your disease. In declaring the absence and need for love, you are declaring your misery. When you declare something negative, in that very declaration, you are complaining but still keeping the negativity. But in declaring your health, love, and truth, you are declaring your detachment because you are conscious of it. Do you get it?

Wow. I can see clearly. It is my mind who is mentioning the status quo.

Exactly. How do you get detached from the mind? How can you let go of your attachment to the mind? First, declare the divine facts that are right now. You are right now and here. That is a divine fact. Are you conscious? Consciousness is right now-here. Avoid negativity, as negativity feeds the ego. Positivity feeds the ego as well, but it is not so destructive as negativity.

You are destroying yourself by declaring negativity as yourself, and by that declaration you are claiming things. You claim that you are clever, and then life proves you to be stupid. There is nothing more stupid than your ego. All stupidity comes from the ego.

Remain with the facts right now. Right now is the fact. Right now, as the fact, contains you. Who are you? Do you know? No, you don't! Declare that fact. Declare the fact that’s right now. Do you know where you’re going from now? No, you don’t! Declare it to Now. Do you own anything in this life? No, you don't! Declare it to Now. Don’t go to your past memories and declare those things, and don’t project the future. Remain in this moment Now. State the fact now, from now, to now. Don’t talk to others and don't talk to yourself. Words are not necessary for divine declaration. Silently declare the facts about oneness to Now. When you declare nothing to now, now will declare your enlightenment. Be meditative. Have a deep, silent conversation with now. Don't think of yourself as very worthy. Be humble, and then now will happen to you, and the whole existence will accept you. When you accept existence, existence accepts you. Right now is just a recognition of the divine fact that nothing has ever been missed. It is not that you have attained anything by declaring divine facts—just a dream, fantasy, projection is lost.

In declaring nothing to now, you are also declaring yourself to the divine.

Now, for the method, You Are Not It.

Your body will project experiences; you are not part of them. Your mind will show you objects and space with endless expressions; you are not part of them. Emotions will trigger different memories; you are not part of them. Feelings will guide you into a spiritual world of infinite possibilities; you are not part of them. You are not. Only the One who is aware, is.

However ugly or miserable, beautiful or blissful the experience might be, you are not it. You are the One—the only one—who is experiencing the experience. Enjoy the journey. Move and expand, but don’t stop anywhere. Do not think about it. Every experience in life is a dream. If you are part of the experiences, you are dreaming. The one who is unattached to the dreams is not indifferent to dreams—he is in transcendence. He is the one who is awake.

Understand the difference between 'indifference' and 'transcendence'. Indifference simply means trying to avoid the negative by avoiding the positive. Transcendence is a totally different phenomenon where you avoid nothing. The positive and the negative are not your concern. You live the positive the same way as you live the negative. Nothing is rejected and nothing is accepted. Indifference is duality, and transcendence is non-duality. Indifference is thinking; transcendence is witnessing. You are nothing that comes and goes. What comes and goes? Everything! What stays? Nothing! People come and go. Situations, happenings, and experiences come and go. Thoughts, ideas, modes, and emotions come and go. Life and death comes and goes. What stays? Nothing!

This is a new quality of meditation, and that quality is that of conscious witnessing. You know that you are alive, but you are not it. You can think and dream, but you know that you are not it. Neither this nor that. That is the secret formula of transcendence: allowing, accepting, and letting go. But it doesn't mean to avoid living, loving, playing, dancing, creating, and crying. It doesn't mean not to live positively and negatively; it just means not to be attached to those things. Don’t avoid living, or you will lose your intelligence and the mind will come again to possess you.

Be receptive, open, and aware. Allow, accept, and let go.

You Are Not It
You Are Not It

17" x 17" Fine Art Print

  • Fine Art – Hahnemuhle, Photo Rag with 1″ border
  • Acid free paper
  • 100% rag for long term durability
  • Bright White 310gsm. thickness 0.50 mm
  • Whiteness 92.0, opacity 99.0


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‘Yantra meditation helps us clear the content of our consciousness so it can become a pure mirror, reflecting without interpreting. All That Is exists infinitely in this emptiness, this no-thing-ness. When the mirror of our consciousness is left without any content, this is enlightenment’

Ivan Rados

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